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Background; Palm Pilot software: A side project

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In 2003 (I think it was) I bought my first Personal Digital Assistent; the Palm M100. After learning to use it I wanted to learn to program it.

So this is where the name HamsterTracker™ originated. The main goal of this program was, to look at the HamsterTracker™ data on my handheld.

Sadly, due to a hard disk crash, I've not gotten around to programming my Palm M100 for over a year now. (If I had done that, than you wouldn't be reading this...) But in the future I hope to finish this program on my PDA. It was fun to explore the possibilities and/or limitations of this neat little machine.

Also programming in C, was also great to do. I was a while ago that I've programmed in C, but it was surprisingly easy to pick up again! Also the Palm SDK, takes a little getting used to, but fairly straight forward. The most difficult, and therefore the most interesting thing to me, was the User Interface.

The palm screen is very limited (160 x 160 pixels, if I remember correctly). And my palm was also in black and white. Therefore it brought back memories of programming my first computer the Sinclair ZX81, this is a very old (1995) page I made of the ZX81.

Screen dumps

These are the only two remaining screen dumps of the Pilot HamsterTracker™ application. As you can see I didn't have the proper name of the HamsterTracker™ application as well as that I didn't have the Peacoque Labs email setup.

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