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Background; HamsterTracker™ Principles

This is my test-hamster Hamtaro (doll). It doesn't move around much, but that's great for pictures as this one, and it doesn't require any food. Not as good as the real thing though.
  1. Design principle number ONE is that my hamster is NOT disturbed, threatned or hurt in ANY way, while taking these measurements!

  2. Not any design principle can overrule design principle number one! (Just to be absolutely sure ;-)

  3. Any electronic part I need, should come from that big shoe box on the attic. Unless I really can't find the part I need, then I'm allowed to buy it.

  4. I'm convinced the IR-light I use to detect the whereabouts of my hamster does not infringe rules 1 & 2! I asked about it on the internet (on november 15, 2000!), and up to now no one actually knows. By my observations, the hamster doesn't react to IR light in any way. Therefore I assume that (weak) lighting doesn't hurt (or blind) the hamster.

  5. The main reason for developing this project is because I trying to make an educated guess of how much a hamster moves in it's (too short :-( life. And because hamsters are nocturnal, it's impossible to make even a guess. And I was wondering wat my little hammy was up to during the time I myself was sleeping I decided to build this system.

  6. The hamster starring on this website will be my third hamster I've had the pleasure of taking care of. Therefore I must use all gained knowledge of taking care of hamsters, trying not to make some same mistakes. (Leaving the cage open, is a no do!)

  7. A computer should log as much data as possible, and automatically update it to a website. (If you are wondering; you are reading this website now! ;-))

All the hamsters I've had, have been treated like royalty by me! The best food, (medical) care, loving and attention is devoted to my hamster. If you ever visit my favorite pub; some guests there can confirm this! :-) Some even claimed to get bored sometimes by hearing new hamster stories! I express my apologies to them all.
If you want to see the first hamster I've ever had the pleasure of taking care of, check out my Jamy site.

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