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Background; HamsterTracker™ Screendumps

These are the most recent screens published. This is not a screenshot of the most recent version of the software. (Software builds change to often to publish :-)

Build 4.0.92 January 26, 2005

Picture HamsterTracker(tm) server software running under XP!)

Build 4.0.89 november 23, 2004

Screendump of HamsterTracker(tm) main screen running under Windows XP!

Build 4.0.8x
Screen dump of the main HamsterTracker(tm) screen.
Screen dump of FTP login form.
Screen dump of Main screen showing all HamsterTracker(tm) registers.

Older build (sorry don't know the exact version here)
Main screen of Mppp-i application
Main screen of Mppp-i application with registers shown
LCD Emulator
LCD in real

Does look pretty similar, doesn't it?

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