Extreme MatchMakin' Lucy

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Thursday, January 18, 2007 - day 581 - current treadmill total: 469,525.31 meters! (16:50 CET)

Xtreme-MatchMakin' Lucy

We all know Valentine's day is comming up,

(February 14! For the unfamiliar..)

and just maybe, it's that Lucy can help you here...

This picture has been used when Xtreme HamsterTrackin' it
and as of today, it is generally available for all!

Match Makin' Lucy helping you to have a great Valentine's day.
" I wanna help you spread your love! " - Lucy

MatchMakinLucy.pdf (231KB)

Click on image to open MatchMakinLucy.pdf (231KB),

Then follow these easy steps

  • Print document,
  • Glue on (existing) postcard,
  • Cut off excess,
  • Think of a romantic line for your Valentine,
  • Write this line on the back,
  • Send it to your Valentine

Mrs DJane Vibrella and Mr G-man:

Xtreme HamsterTrackin' by DJane Vibrella and G-man
Mrs. DJane Vibrella and Mr. G-man
during their Honeymoon in La Palma

Lucy hopes you'll have HamsterTracker™ success with this,
and we also hope you'll send in a picture of you and your Valentine holding the card!

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