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Day Hamster Page Title Rating Votes
0Lucy3.0 Introducin' Lucy 3.0!!! 100%30
244Lucy3.0 More on playing 'Hide & Seek' with Lucy 100%29
586Lucy3.0 Excitement at 6 AM, (caused) by Lucy 100%27
553Lucy3.0 Happy New Year! 100%27
0Lucy4.0 Introducing Lucy 4.0 100%26
648Lucy3.0 Lucy's Snail-Mail Help 100%26
574Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Mailbox fun 100%26
608Lucy3.0 Waken Lucy 100%25
592Lucy3.0 Checking in on Lucy's God-kids 100%25
636Lucy3.0 Multi-Angled Beauty Sleep by Lucy 100%24
145Lucy5.0 Lucy in her Basement 100%23
601Lucy3.0 Inspectin' the Meditation Room 100%23
594Lucy3.0 A Restroom Story starring Lucy 100%23
588Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-'Milk & Cookies' 100%23
245Lucy3.0 Coffee table fun with Lucy 100%23
666Lucy3.0 Lucy's Demanding 100%22
631Lucy3.0 Agile Lucy ...! 100%22
606Lucy3.0 Lucy is the Pin-Up of TODAY! 100%22
603Lucy3.0 Friday, chores-day / -evening ... 100%22
150Lucy3.0 Awesome 'Extreme HamsterTrackin' Your Pet' entry 100%22
644Lucy3.0 Lucy's weight ... 100%21
635Lucy3.0 Parsley servin' for Lucy 100%21
630Lucy3.0 Lucy's Mansion-Expansion 100%21
622Lucy3.0 Quality Time on the Couch with Lucy 100%21
584Lucy3.0 Lucy Pouchin' & Unpouchin' 100%21
581Lucy3.0 Servin' Her Highness Lucy 100%21
580Lucy3.0 TV fun with Lucy on the Couch 100%21
560Lucy3.0 Just Trying To Be Nice - part 'Twee' (that's Dutch for 'Two') 100%21
551Lucy3.0 Holiday Times at HamsterTracker™ 100%21
508Lucy3.0 Lucy's Tease 100%21
16Lucy5.0 Second evening out with Lucy! 100%20
769Lucy3.0 Lucy 3.0's last lively photographs 100%20
675Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bed- and Bath-room Mess 100%20
670Lucy3.0 Lucy's Checking her new Treat 100%20
656Lucy3.0 Lucy's Food Analytics 100%20
596Lucy3.0 Valentine Lucy ... 100%20
576Lucy3.0 Lucy's Flirt 100%20
506Lucy3.0 Treating Lucy 100%20
369Lucy3.0 Lucy's orderin' ... 100%20
38Lucy5.0 Lucy loves her home ! 100%19
31Lucy5.0 Lucy is adjusting to the HamsterTracker(tm)-Life ! 100%19
1Lucy4.0 First moments with Lucy 4.0 100%19
678Lucy3.0 Lucy enjoying a drink 100%19
669Lucy3.0 Lucy's Cage Cleanup (again) 100%19
625Lucy3.0 We're Getting ready for Spring-Time (once again :-) 100%19
623Lucy3.0 'Flowers' for Lucy 100%19
614Lucy3.0 Tubin' Lucy 100%19
607Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' UK by Huw! 100%19
572Lucy3.0 Shopping for Lucy 100%19
534Lucy3.0 Lucy's Invite! 100%19
519Lucy3.0 Cranberrie Suggestion by Kim 100%19
365Lucy3.0 Lucy's first year at HamsterTracker™ 100%19
330Lucy3.0 Lucy's First Birthday!!! 100%19
255Lucy3.0 Un-pouching before (Horror Night) 100%19
187Lucy3.0 Happy New Year! 100%19
78Lucy3.0 Awesome 'Lucy on the couch' fun! 100%19
130Lucy5.0 Lucy's grand mansion expansion 100%18
6Lucy4.0 Still Shy little Lucy (or is she?) 100%18
677Lucy3.0 'TP-Roll Specialist' - Lucy (3.0) 100%18
655Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Clean 100%18
618Lucy3.0 Assisting Lucy 100%18
524Lucy3.0 Keeping Lucy Busy ... (part Deux) 100%18
522Lucy3.0 The 'Lucy Not Running'-Mystery 100%18
518Lucy3.0 Lucy's health update :) 100%18
517Lucy3.0 Worried Times at HamsterTracker™ 100%18
515Lucy3.0 Peanut Time at HamsterTracker™ 100%18
272Lucy3.0 Squatters at HamsterTracker™ 100%18
471Lucy4.0 The winter weather at HamsterTracker ... 100%17
361Lucy4.0 Lucy's Expressions... 100%17
224Lucy4.0 A Cage-clean-chore, Excellently Executed 100%17
48Lucy4.0 Lucy on the couch (again :-) 100%17
7Lucy4.0 Lucy's discovering the joys of HamsterTracker™ 100%17
767Lucy3.0 This empty HamsterTracker™-Home ... 100%17
598Lucy3.0 Cardbox Chewing by Lucy ... 100%17
538Lucy3.0 Lucy's Paparazzi Treatment ... 100%17
531Lucy3.0 Lucy's Orderin' 100%17
521Lucy3.0 Serving Lucy half a Cranberrie 100%17
415Lucy3.0 An Ultra Fun Extreme HamsterTrackin' Mission! 100%17
357Lucy3.0 Lucy's (first) Fit 100%17
300Lucy3.0 Lucy's 300th day at HamsterTracker™ 100%17
280Lucy3.0 Lucy's Emergency Kit 100%17
145Lucy3.0 Chattin' with Lucy 100%17
136Lucy3.0 Lucy's persuasiveness 100%17
368Lucy4.0 Lucy's, First Year, Anniversary Party! 100%16
364Lucy4.0 Watchin' TV with Lucy. 100%16
46Lucy4.0 Lucy Wants OUT ! 100%16
31Lucy4.0 World Animal Day - Today together with ... 100%16
24Lucy4.0 Lucy's First Time on the Couch ... 100%16
20Lucy4.0 Lucy's First Explorer Ball Exploration... 100%16
782Lucy3.0 Why I just simply LOVE Weekdays ... 100%16
780Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™ Technical Stuff - part II 100%16
752Lucy3.0 Lucy's Snack Time 100%16
439Lucy3.0 Watching TV with Lucy 100%16
390Lucy3.0 Lucy's explorer- Ball fun 100%16
323Lucy3.0 Lucy's Persuasiveness 100%16
298Lucy3.0 Concluding the Squatters update 100%16
288Lucy3.0 Important Squatters Update! 100%16
139Lucy3.0 Lucy's portrait photograph 100%16
132Lucy3.0 Lucy's Dude Interview 100%16
128Lucy3.0 Challengin' Lucy 100%16
2Lucy3.0 Totally Cool! 100%16
625Lucy2.0 Lunar eclipse tonight 100%16
21Lucy5.0 The First MASSIVE Lucy Mansion Clean! 100%15
604Lucy4.0 Lucy's Burial 100%15
484Lucy4.0 Makin' Lucy work for her treat... 100%15
458Lucy4.0 Some Treats for Lucy 100%15
375Lucy4.0 Sharing, with my hamster Lucy! 100%15
285Lucy4.0 Behind the (Backyard) Scenes of HamsterTracker.com 100%15
235Lucy4.0 Cute- (and Daily-) Attention Grab, by Lucy 100%15
84Lucy4.0 Thanks-for-Giving 100%15
53Lucy4.0 Tea-Towel fun with Lucy 100%15
5Lucy4.0 Getting acquainted with Lucy 100%15
627Lucy3.0 Pine-Seed Time at HamsterTracker™ 100%15
547Lucy3.0 Lucy Jammed the Treadmill ... Again 100%15
541Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Experiment with Lucy ... 100%15
503Lucy3.0 Lucy's Dream or just plain Lazy ? 100%15
431Lucy3.0 Lucy's Enjoying Her New Cage Setup 100%15
394Lucy3.0 Lucy is so gentile 100%15
348Lucy3.0 More Hide & Seek with Lucy 100%15
329Lucy3.0 Lucy's Pre-Birthday fun... 100%15
321Lucy3.0 Prepping at HamsterTracker™ 100%15
299Lucy3.0 Lucy's Nibble Puzzle 100%15
279Lucy3.0 Party-ing to Mitten's first birthday! 100%15
277Lucy3.0 How to 'Ribbon-nize' oneself! 100%15
130Lucy3.0 Couch fun with Lucy 100%15
460Lucy4.0 Another Lucy Trick ... 100%14
416Lucy4.0 Lucy's Giggle... 100%14
244Lucy4.0 Lucy's Cultural Experience... 100%14
214Lucy4.0 Second Easter Day in the Netherlands! 100%14
38Lucy4.0 Lucy's Mansion Expansion 100%14
37Lucy4.0 More Couch-Time with Lucy! 100%14
27Lucy4.0 Still in the process of getting to know Lucy... 100%14
17Lucy4.0 Lucy's first Kräcker ... 100%14
12Lucy4.0 Insanely Awesome HamsterTracke™-Snail Mail by 'PET AGE'! 100%14
748Lucy3.0 Lucy's Stretch 'n Eat 100%14
739Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Bedroom/Cage Maintenance ... 100%14
732Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Project: Staircase 4 Lucy 100%14
700Lucy3.0 Lucy's days with HamsterTracker™ 100%14
696Lucy3.0 Lucy3.0's - 2nd Birthday !!! 100%14
537Lucy3.0 Lucy's After-Work, Observational Fun! 100%14
527Lucy3.0 Lucy's Explorer Ball Fun 100%14
436Lucy3.0 Educatin' Lucy 100%14
427Lucy3.0 Lucy's New and Improved Cage Setup 100%14
424Lucy3.0 Upon Lucy's Request! 100%14
403Lucy3.0 Poor, Poor Little Lucy! 100%14
384Lucy3.0 Concluding the North Sea Jazz-Extreme HamsterTrackin' 100%14
377Lucy3.0 Askin' Lucy ... 100%14
361Lucy3.0 Lucy's Cage Decorating 100%14
353Lucy3.0 After Explorer Ball Fun 100%14
350Lucy3.0 Parsley - Part I 100%14
349Lucy3.0 Lucy's Off-Side Touchdown 100%14
294Lucy3.0 Update on the HamsterTracker™-Squatters 100%14
218Lucy3.0 Music Jammin' Friday Evening 100%14
214Lucy3.0 Monday stress ? Go to your pet store to unwind! 100%14
147Lucy3.0 A private moment with Lucy 100%14
143Lucy3.0 Servin' Lucy a nice 'Wild-Berry-Yoghurt-Treat' 100%14
563Lucy4.0 Busy Lucy ... 100%13
531Lucy4.0 Happy Hamster Cookin' by Beth ... 100%13
521Lucy4.0 Photographing (Lucy) fun... 100%13
465Lucy4.0 A Trick on Lucy ... 100%13
389Lucy4.0 Lucy's wash ... 100%13
382Lucy4.0 Ambitious hamster: Lucy! 100%13
262Lucy4.0 Lucy's *gossip* Update ... 100%13
257Lucy4.0 My Sweet Hamster Lucy! 100%13
212Lucy4.0 Lucy is a great Bowler!!! 100%13
209Lucy4.0 Lucy's Morning Ritual - Reenactment 100%13
193Lucy4.0 Not sure of this 'Scientific' Proof on Hamster Blindness 100%13
157Lucy4.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' México by Kim and Bruce 100%13
153Lucy4.0 Water Consumption issues ... 100%13
151Lucy4.0 The Glamorous life at HamsterTracker™ 100%13
89Lucy4.0 Forth and Back with Lucy 100%13
73Lucy4.0 The Weekly Review With My Hamster Lucy 100%13
55Lucy4.0 Getting to know Lucy better by the day 100%13
41Lucy4.0 More 'Hands-On'-Training with Lucy 100%13
4Lucy4.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Lucy 4.0 in Toronto by Patricia 100%13
735Lucy3.0 Lucy's feet ... 100%13
725Lucy3.0 Super Extreme HamsterTrackin' entry by Monica starring Betsey! 100%13
724Lucy3.0 Desperate Measures at HamsterTracker™ 100%13
719Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Kim 100%13
536Lucy3.0 Lucy's TP-Roll Devouring ...! 100%13
502Lucy3.0 Lucy & Sanja's hamsters Jamie & Julie 100%13
482Lucy3.0 Lucy's Hamster-Feet-Sign-Language 100%13
467Lucy3.0 Treatin' Lucy! 100%13
452Lucy3.0 Lucy's Second Cage-Escape ... 100%13
444Lucy3.0 Lucy's Meditation 100%13
425Lucy3.0 Lucy's Checking Out Her New Meditation Room... 100%13
413Lucy3.0 YEAAAAAAI for Lucy! 100%13
411Lucy3.0 A little QT with Lucy 100%13
371Lucy3.0 Lucy's Exploring 100%13
344Lucy3.0 Installin' Lucy's Birthday Present 100%13
342Lucy3.0 Servin' Lucy some Nibble Potpourri 100%13
293Lucy3.0 Treat-in' Lucy 100%13
236Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Nigeria 100%13
235Lucy3.0 Lucy is the master of 'hide-and-seek' 100%13
186Lucy3.0 Preparing for the New Years Party with Lucy 100%13
138Lucy3.0 Lucy's devourin' a Kracker... 100%13
120Lucy3.0 Interviewed by Yahoo! Picks... 100%13
110Lucy3.0 Singin' with Lucy 100%13
103Lucy3.0 L3: Lazy Loungin' Lucy 100%13
72Lucy3.0 A Lovin' Extreme HamsterTrackin' 100%13
5Lucy3.0 Hide 'n Seek with Lucy! 100%13
108Lucy5.0 Merrrry X-Mas, from HamsterTracker.... 100%12
482Lucy4.0 Serving the Quick and Easy 'Happy Holidays Snack' 100%12
479Lucy4.0 Happy Holidays, dear HamsterTracker-Dudes and -Dudettes! 100%12
430Lucy4.0 Lucy's outrage on the slow updates 100%12
381Lucy4.0 Observing my hamster Lucy! 100%12
268Lucy4.0 Still full of the half full glass...(es) 100%12
265Lucy4.0 The half full glass...(es) 100%12
255Lucy4.0 Lucy's Food Bowl Devour... 100%12
252Lucy4.0 Corn She Wants = Corn She Gets! 100%12
172Lucy4.0 After Cage Clean Chores ... it's SNACK-Time! 100%12
166Lucy4.0 One Treat is Not Enough ... 100%12
137Lucy4.0 Handeling Lucy ... Princess, LUCY ... 100%12
132Lucy4.0 Lucy's first time on the coffee-table! 100%12
114Lucy4.0 X-mas with Lucy 100%12
109Lucy4.0 Lucy's X-mas spirit ... 100%12
75Lucy4.0 Sniff, Sniff, Grab & Go; by Lucy 100%12
70Lucy4.0 My hamster Lucy's Seduction... 100%12
65Lucy4.0 HamsterTracker™-Snack Time with Lucy 100%12
62Lucy4.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Belgium, by Jasmijn 100%12
15Lucy4.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Dena 100%12
790Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' UK-Fluffy-ness by Marion! 100%12
781Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Biscuit by Marion (UK) 100%12
759Lucy3.0 Lucy's Lounging... 100%12
738Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-(treadmill) Maintenance ... 100%12
728Lucy3.0 Lucy's Breakfast Ritual ... 100%12
726Lucy3.0 Lucy's new Living Quarters 100%12
691Lucy3.0 Lucy's Pouch Preference 100%12
484Lucy3.0 The Full Blown Hamster-Cage-Clean 100%12
474Lucy3.0 Servin' Lucy a Vitakraft Kräcker 100%12
462Lucy3.0 Cracking Lucy's Last Escape 100%12
454Lucy3.0 A Great Photo-Shoot with My Hamster Lucy 100%12
448Lucy3.0 Lucy's TP-Roll Devourin' 100%12
447Lucy3.0 A Cleaned Bedroom for Lucy 100%12
407Lucy3.0 Poor Poor Lucy - Update IV 100%12
362Lucy3.0 Lucy's Reminder... 100%12
343Lucy3.0 Nothin' Up Our Sleeve! 100%12
326Lucy3.0 Lucy's Persuasiveness part II 100%12
315Lucy3.0 Lazy Lougin' Lucy 100%12
312Lucy3.0 Lucy getting ready 100%12
309Lucy3.0 Après (that's French for 'AFTER') bedroom clean 100%12
308Lucy3.0 Vacation time fun with Lucy part II 100%12
292Lucy3.0 Lucy's teasing ??? 100%12
286Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Squatters update 100%12
222Lucy3.0 Having fun doin' chores! - part II 100%12
209Lucy3.0 How does Lucy do it ? 100%12
183Lucy3.0 Party-in' with Lucy 100%12
180Lucy3.0 Merry Merry (HamsterTracker™) X-mas! 100%12
151Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend Project 100%12
118Lucy3.0 The Homebrew Magic-Trick-aftermath with Lucy 100%12
109Lucy3.0 Fun with Lucy on the couch 100%12
82Lucy3.0 Lucy loves explorin' the coffee-table 100%12
6Lucy3.0 An AWESOME gift for Lucy in the snail-mailbox! 100%12
610Lucy4.0 Lucy's Mansion Cleanup 100%11
541Lucy4.0 When Lucy Asks ... She Gets! 100%11
481Lucy4.0 Quick and Easy 'Happy Holidays Snack' 4 Lucy 100%11
280Lucy4.0 A sign of life from Lucy at HamsterTracker.com... 100%11
241Lucy4.0 Lucy's Advice on IT... 100%11
200Lucy4.0 I've made special preparations... 100%11
197Lucy4.0 You wouldn't want to be this treat 100%11
186Lucy4.0 Geekin' Website Improvement Developments... 100%11
177Lucy4.0 Lucy's Explorer-Ball Time. 100%11
149Lucy4.0 Another, Lucy On the Couch, moment 100%11
145Lucy4.0 Lucy's investment ... 100%11
106Lucy4.0 Lucy's Search ... 100%11
80Lucy4.0 Bedroom Clean for Lucy ( part II ) 100%11
58Lucy4.0 Chores day at HamsterTracker.com! 100%11
795Lucy3.0 Lucy 4.0 Preps ... 100%11
742Lucy3.0 HUUUUGE Lucy ... 100%11
741Lucy3.0 Observin' Lucy's Observations ... 100%11
740Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Bedroom/Cage Maintenance part II ... 100%11
693Lucy3.0 Very short notice (on Lucy's 2nd birthday) 100%11
501Lucy3.0 Music Time with my hamster Lucy 100%11
487Lucy3.0 It's Always Fun With Lucy 100%11
480Lucy3.0 Puzzlin' Lucy 100%11
476Lucy3.0 Get It ??? 100%11
466Lucy3.0 Lucy 3.0 is a 'Pin-Up For A Day' in 2009! 100%11
459Lucy3.0 Lucy (Houdini) Did It Again! 100%11
458Lucy3.0 Lucy's Sunday Lounge 100%11
453Lucy3.0 Lucy's pouchin' ... 100%11
446Lucy3.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' Wales by Marion! 100%11
374Lucy3.0 Lucy's Much Needed Cage Clean 100%11
363Lucy3.0 Lucy's knows me too well! 100%11
341Lucy3.0 A much needed cage-clean 100%11
318Lucy3.0 The hottest Whit Sunday here in 25 years 100%11
304Lucy3.0 Enjoying vacation time with Lucy 100%11
285Lucy3.0 A quick treat from HamsterTracker™ 100%11
159Lucy3.0 How a star awakes 100%11
155Lucy3.0 Lucy's Finger Pullin' Friday 100%11
153Lucy3.0 Lucy's Blush 100%11
119Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kenia! 100%11
96Lucy3.0 Great Guestbook Entry Question 100%11
74Lucy3.0 Challengin' Lucy 100%11
69Lucy3.0 Party-in' with Lucy 100%11
30Lucy3.0 Bonding with Lucy 100%11
20Lucy3.0 Lucy wants a Pine-Seed! 100%11
8Lucy3.0 Training Lucy! 100%11
343Lucy4.0 A special treat for Lucy ... 100%10
329Lucy4.0 Lucy's TP-ROLL devour (again)... 100%10
327Lucy4.0 Lucy's 1st Birthday !!! 100%10
221Lucy4.0 Software troubles... 100%10
208Lucy4.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' México by Kim - Part Deux 100%10
205Lucy4.0 Geekin' hobby stuff while Spoiling Lucy 100%10
202Lucy4.0 (The) After (The) Party... Please use one '(The)' of your choice: 100%10
199Lucy4.0 Spring 2010 has officially started! 100%10
196Lucy4.0 Cage Clean that lead to Sensor Misalignment ... 100%10
194Lucy4.0 I guess, Chores-day is up next ... 100%10
188Lucy4.0 ALL Blog Entries are now fully Indexed... 100%10
185Lucy4.0 Lucy's nuts about Wallnuts 100%10
144Lucy4.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Marion 100%10
141Lucy4.0 Lucy's first blooper video & a first Macro-HD-video 100%10
135Lucy4.0 HamsterTracker.com in HD (experiment) 100%10
124Lucy4.0 "Hey Dude" - by: Lucy 100%10
118Lucy4.0 Lucy wants to get out more 100%10
102Lucy4.0 The After Party ... Washing up with Lucy... 100%10
98Lucy4.0 Catching up ... with Lucy ... 100%10
94Lucy4.0 Geekin' & Freakin' with Lucy 100%10
67Lucy4.0 Lucy's Second Hamster-Mansion-Expansion 100%10
60Lucy4.0 Kräcker-abuse by Lucy! 100%10
786Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Luxembourg by Miriam. 100%10
736Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Marion 100%10
706Lucy3.0 A just happened Adventure... 100%10
689Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Maintenance 100%10
500Lucy3.0 Having Fun with Lucy on the Couch 100%10
490Lucy3.0 Busy Lucy 100%10
479Lucy3.0 Meditatin' Lucy 100%10
461Lucy3.0 Introducing the New HamsterTracker™-Bedroom Change Protocol 100%10
410Lucy3.0 (Bettering) Poor Poor, Lucy - Update V 100%10
340Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Scotland by Sandra 100%10
339Lucy3.0 Lucy's Herb 'n' Hide Experience! 100%10
225Lucy3.0 Lucy in her Meditation Room 100%10
213Lucy3.0 Serving Lucy a mini Corn on the cob. 100%10
208Lucy3.0 Lucy is really sweet! 100%10
197Lucy3.0 Never loudly say : " Walnut anyone ? " near Lucy 100%10
193Lucy3.0 It's Still X-Mas at HamsterTracker™! 100%10
131Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend Project 100%10
90Lucy3.0 Wakin' Lucy... (again) 100%10
89Lucy3.0 Wakin' Lucy... 100%10
80Lucy3.0 Lucy keeps on Explorin' 100%10
75Lucy3.0 A Lot o' Fun behind the scenes! 100%10
684Lucy2.0 Lucy's last trick 100%10
409Lucy4.0 Lucy's Bedroom Clean Challenge 100%9
349Lucy4.0 Camera learning/fun with Lucy ... 100%9
324Lucy4.0 Lucy's Meditation! 100%9
318Lucy4.0 Update from the HamsterTracker Head Office ! 100%9
101Lucy4.0 Lucy's latest Statistical Graphs 100%9
797Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Canada, by Patricia 100%9
793Lucy3.0 Lucy 3.0 Final Statistical Graphs 100%9
761Lucy3.0 Sad-Bad-Sad News ... 100%9
720Lucy3.0 My hamster Lucy Pouchin' her Greens 100%9
711Lucy3.0 Lucy's Off(-line) Time ... 100%9
707Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' California by Anton 100%9
496Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Clean - Part II 100%9
494Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Gatwick Airport by Marion 100%9
477Lucy3.0 Bedroom Clean Aftermath 100%9
473Lucy3.0 You're probably gonna think this is rigged ... 100%9
405Lucy3.0 Poor, Poor Little Lucy - part II! 100%9
332Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend Project 100%9
182Lucy3.0 Lucy's Second Milestone and anniversary! 100%9
121Lucy3.0 Loooong weekend, due to Daylight savings time shift 100%9
117Lucy3.0 Some Homebrew Magic-Trick with Lucy 100%9
104Lucy3.0 Lucy's protest ???!!! ??? 100%9
92Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Japan 100%9
40Lucy3.0 Showing Lucy, HamsterTracker.com 100%9
13Lucy3.0 Marathon Runnin' Lucy 100%9
7Lucy3.0 An AWESOME first week with Lucy! 100%9
735Lucy2.0 There is ALWAYS that other 10% chance 100%9
645Lucy2.0 Lucy wants to watch TV 100%9
187Lucy4.0 1,115+ Blog Entries Indexed... 100%8
718Lucy3.0 Lucy's Treat and an Observational Discovery ... 100%8
705Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Marion 100%8
486Lucy3.0 Remarkable Hamster News 100%8
206Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Montana and Idaho, USA 100%8
201Lucy3.0 Lucy and her 'Adori Gnawing Stone (fruit flavour)' 100%8
85Lucy3.0 Autumn fun with Lucy 100%8
71Lucy3.0 A Lovin' Extreme HamsterTrackin' 100%8
70Lucy3.0 Party-in' with Lucy 100%8
27Lucy3.0 The inner-geek... 100%8
18Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' with Marcus Miller - and Dj Manga at North Sea Jazz 100%8
733Lucy2.0 Another visit to the Hamster-Adoption center 100%8
724Lucy2.0 Really Ready! 100%8
719Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD outside Santa Barbara, California USA 100%8
713Lucy2.0 A Very, VEry, VERy, VERY special gift 100%8
700Lucy2.0 A lot of work behind the scenes has been done today (again) 100%8
654Lucy2.0 No more Mice at HamsterTracker.com 100%8
647Lucy2.0 Lucy's Guide to a Lucy-Touchdown 100%8
572Lucy4.0 Lucy's Pentry 100%7
402Lucy4.0 HamsterTracker-Hardware Fixes 100%7
475Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Reigate, UK, by Marion 100%7
95Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend project & Lucy 100%7
38Lucy3.0 Treatin' Lucy a Kräcker® - the Video 100%7
29Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Virginia in US Pacific North West 100%7
734Lucy2.0 Hamster-Adoption center UPDATE! 100%7
722Lucy2.0 Gettin' ready for Lucy 3.0 100%7
686Lucy2.0 The stuff HamsterTracker™ needs to do 100%7
41Lucy3.0 Great things come in small packages 100%6
723Lucy2.0 *** STOP THE PRESS *** JUST IN: 100%6
720Lucy2.0 Last previously unpublished Lucy 2.0 photograph 100%6
715Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD in Santa Barbara, California USA 100%6
698Lucy2.0 A very special Extreme HamsterTrackin' 100%6
697Lucy2.0 More previously unpublished Lucy photo's 100%6
694Lucy2.0 Side project to get my mind OFF (and back ON)! 100%6
690Lucy2.0 Kind of hard... 100%6
696Lucy2.0 A lot of work behind the scenes! 100%5
692Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD in Kansas, USA - part III 100%5
675Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™-donation by Naomi 100%5
62Lucy3.0 Exercisin' with Lucy 100%4
37Lucy3.0 Treatin' Lucy a Kräcker® 100%4
727Lucy2.0 Finally a (technical) delivery 100%4
714Lucy2.0 More VERY special gifts 100%4
706Lucy2.0 Re-configurin' the HamsterTracker™-server 100%4
687Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Linda in Nanjing, China 100%4
664Lucy2.0 Another (tiny) Lucy animation 100%4
63Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs 100%3
61Lucy3.0 VIP-Visit at HamsterTracker™ - REVISITED! 100%3
725Lucy2.0 Ooops, Ooops, Double Ooops & a slice of Ooops! 100%3
60Lucy3.0 VIP-Visit at HamsterTracker™ 100%2
58Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Romania 100%2
59Lucy3.0 Chattin' with Lucy 100%1
57Lucy3.0 Lucy's first 'Lucy-Touchdown' 100%1
56Lucy3.0 Gettin' Lucy out of her cage 100%1
55Lucy3.0 An AWESOME gift for HamsterTracker™ 100%1
54Lucy3.0 Trainin' Lucy 100%1
53Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Vietnam! 100%1
52Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Robert 100%1
50Lucy3.0 "Lucy-Doo" 100%1
49Lucy3.0 Lucy's water-bottle 100%1
48Lucy3.0 Having fun with Lucy 100%1
47Lucy3.0 ISP transfer update: (Lost_Count + 1) 100%1
46Lucy3.0 Updatin' Lucy on the ISP transfer! 100%1
45Lucy3.0 Servin' Lucy a Vitakraft Donut! 100%1
43Lucy3.0 Lucy's Luxury-home-expansion! 100%1
42Lucy3.0 Is there a lawyer in the house? 100%1
33Lucy3.0 Lucy's first Long Distance Milestone! 99.7%134
28Lucy3.0 Lucy's Latest Statistical Graphs 99.5%195
591Lucy3.0 Lucy's Sunday Clean 99.3%28
578Lucy3.0 A bit of a Yucky post today... 99.3%28
564Lucy3.0 Maintenance by the HamsterTracker™-Cage Clean Dept. 99.3%27
585Lucy3.0 Lucy's Cage Maintenance & a Question 4 U 99.2%26
570Lucy3.0 Bedroom Clean Time ... 99.2%26
511Lucy3.0 Almost 3 liters of water, consumed by Lucy 99.2%26
629Lucy3.0 Lucy's calling 99.2%25
161Lucy3.0 Dena's awesome Mittens mail 99.2%25
99Lucy3.0 Serving Lucy the micro Veggie Pizza 99.2%25
641Lucy3.0 Extreme (Grand-) Child HamsterTrackin' 99.2%24
181Lucy4.0 Servin' Lucy the Ceasar Salad 99.1%23
556Lucy3.0 Ultra-Freakin' & -Geekin' it at HamsterTracker™ (part 2) 99.1%22
543Lucy3.0 Lucy's Ball ... 99.0%21
558Lucy3.0 Just Trying To Be Nice ... 99.0%20
274Lucy3.0 Lucy's Nursin' to tha MAX! 99.0%20
523Lucy3.0 Keeping Lucy Busy ... 98.9%19
251Lucy3.0 Aftermath of Serving Lucy the 'Easy Cheese/Apple Rolls' 98.9%19
513Lucy4.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' South Africa by Toni 98.9%18
387Lucy3.0 Lucy being Lucy 98.9%18
378Lucy3.0 My "Lucy's Flat-Ears-While-Eating" Theory 98.9%18
355Lucy3.0 Behind the Scenes Shirt with Lucy at HamsterTracker™ 98.9%18
73Lucy3.0 Lazy Loungin' Lucy 98.9%18
271Lucy3.0 Another sign of Life from HamsterTracker™ 98.8%17
268Lucy3.0 Sign of Life from HamsterTracker™ 98.8%17
600Lucy3.0 Celebrating our 600th day together 98.8%32
775Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™ Technical Stuff 98.8%16
620Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' UK, by Marion 98.8%16
351Lucy3.0 Parsley - Part II 98.8%16
148Lucy3.0 Lucy is SOOOOOO LOOOOVIN'! 98.8%16
4Lucy3.0 Quality time with Lucy! 98.8%16
452Lucy4.0 Bedroom Clean Chores! 98.7%15
634Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Patricia 98.7%15
464Lucy3.0 World Animal Day, Today 98.7%15
441Lucy3.0 Lucy's Explorer Ball Fun 98.7%15
383Lucy3.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' it @ North Sea Jazz 98.7%15
263Lucy3.0 Lucy workin' hard 98.7%15
172Lucy3.0 Lucy Helpin' Out 98.7%15
16Lucy3.0 "Lovin' Lucy" 98.7%15
613Lucy3.0 Boxin' Lucy 98.6%29
611Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 98.6%28
10Lucy4.0 How does Lucy do it? 98.6%14
730Lucy3.0 Lucy's visit to the VET ... 98.6%14
432Lucy3.0 L3 : Lazy Lounge-y Lucy 98.6%14
426Lucy3.0 Lucy Enjoying Dinner ... 98.6%14
327Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Clean Aftermath... 98.6%14
256Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Bulgaria! 98.6%14
232Lucy3.0 An Apple a day ... 98.6%14
221Lucy3.0 Having fun doin' (monday?) chores! 98.6%14
210Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 98.6%14
167Lucy3.0 Lucy knows how to get her way 98.6%14
640Lucy2.0 My Mistake... 98.6%14
250Lucy3.0 Serving Lucy the 'Easy Cheese/Apple Rolls' 98.5%40
554Lucy3.0 Busy Lucy ... 98.5%26
252Lucy3.0 Horror Night at HamsterTracker™ 98.5%26
164Lucy4.0 300+ Km. and Valentine 98.5%13
3Lucy4.0 First pat on Lucy's back 98.5%13
683Lucy3.0 Lucy's Annoyance 98.5%13
284Lucy3.0 We've been interviewed by Paper Lotus Design group!!! 98.5%13
174Lucy3.0 Santa at the daytime office! 98.5%13
152Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' the Caribbean - Part two 98.5%13
133Lucy3.0 A visit to the Pet-Shop 98.5%13
113Lucy3.0 Lucy's surprise! 98.5%13
557Lucy3.0 Chillin' it at HamsterTracker™ ... Literally! 98.3%24
206Lucy4.0 Checking Lucy's Treadmill sensor. 98.3%12
179Lucy4.0 The Pine-Seed mystery, starring Sheriff Lucy... 98.3%12
87Lucy4.0 Bonding with Lucy 98.3%12
313Lucy3.0 A report by Lucy 98.3%12
223Lucy3.0 Lucy's Un-Pouchin' 98.3%12
204Lucy3.0 22+ hour bedroom clean aftermath 98.3%12
196Lucy3.0 Lucy's bedroom-clean aftermath 98.3%12
106Lucy3.0 Lucy in her new 'Meditation Room' 98.3%12
84Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Chicago 98.3%12
638Lucy2.0 Hide 'n Seek with Lucy 98.3%12
636Lucy2.0 Lucy's routine 98.3%12
566Lucy3.0 Lucy is Still Enjoying her Greens! 98.2%22
556Lucy4.0 Spring Time at HamsterTracker.com! 98.2%11
171Lucy4.0 Cage Clean Chores ... 98.2%11
714Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Clean Adventure ... 98.2%11
375Lucy3.0 Lucy's Speechin' 98.2%11
211Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin by Paper Lotus design group 98.2%11
195Lucy3.0 From the HamsterTracker™-Mailbox 98.2%11
176Lucy3.0 X-mas Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD 98.2%11
166Lucy3.0 Jugglin' Lucy 98.2%11
64Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Honduras 98.2%11
32Lucy3.0 Updating Lucy 98.2%11
681Lucy2.0 Lucy's burial 98.1%32
11Lucy5.0 Getting to know Lucy, and she's getting to know me! 98.1%21
657Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Decorating 98.1%21
593Lucy3.0 Awesome HamsterTracker™-Snail-Mail 98.1%31
143Lucy4.0 Geekin' "Perma-Linking" Chores 98.0%10
493Lucy3.0 Saturday Night With My Hamster Lucy 98.0%10
488Lucy3.0 Peanut Time For Lucy 98.0%10
237Lucy3.0 Lucy is helpin' out 98.0%10
181Lucy3.0 Merry Merry (HamsterTracker™) SECOND X-mas-day! 98.0%10
112Lucy3.0 Lucy's corn on the cob - part II 98.0%10
88Lucy3.0 Geekin' week'nd project 98.0%10
87Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' New Zealand! - part 2 98.0%10
24Lucy3.0 Fun with Lucy on the couch! 98.0%10
168Lucy3.0 Happy Hanukkah (or X-mass)! by Dena 97.9%28
420Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs & Denture Checkup 97.8%18
257Lucy3.0 Lucy's 'Touchdown guide' 97.8%18
241Lucy3.0 Assisting Lucy 97.8%18
438Lucy4.0 Happy Hamster-book, Give-A-Way Competition! 97.8%9
712Lucy3.0 Lucy's not running much ... 97.8%9
495Lucy3.0 Lucy's Bedroom Clean 97.8%9
207Lucy3.0 Geekin' Seasons holiday project: Fixin' the LCD (final part) 97.8%9
15Lucy3.0 Lucy's First Explorer Ball Adventure 97.8%9
243Lucy3.0 Geeking Weekend Project! 97.7%26
514Lucy3.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Marion in the USA 97.6%17
283Lucy3.0 Lucy van der Paauw ... uhh... Paw ... 97.6%17
162Lucy3.0 Lucy's Lazy Friday 97.6%17
59Lucy5.0 Off-topic: Glow Eindhoven 2011 97.6%25
509Lucy3.0 'Just Like That' - Day 97.6%25
612Lucy4.0 Lucy 4.0 (final) statistics: 97.5%24
355Lucy4.0 Camera fun; Lucy's Photo Improvement studies 97.5%16
734Lucy3.0 Fun with Lucy! 97.5%16
385Lucy3.0 Lucy's Eyeballin' 97.5%16
360Lucy3.0 Lucy's Confession 97.5%16
336Lucy3.0 Teasing my hamster Lucy a little bit! 97.5%16
259Lucy3.0 Arm-rest-couch-fun with Lucy 97.5%16
200Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' East Lansing, Michigan USA 97.5%8
672Lucy2.0 Medicinal Cookin' for Lucy 97.5%8
649Lucy2.0 Lucy's sleepin' quarters 97.5%8
0Lucy5.0 Introducing: Lucy 5.0 97.4%31
633Lucy2.0 Sunny Sunday mornin' with Lucy 97.4%53
34Lucy4.0 Memorable Couch-Time with Lucy 97.3%15
451Lucy3.0 From the HamsterTracker™-Mailbox 97.3%15
421Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' UK Wales by Marion! 97.3%15
368Lucy3.0 Lucy's Groooove 97.3%15
215Lucy3.0 Four Angled Photographs of Lucy Sleeping, in action 97.3%15
125Lucy3.0 Trick or Treatin' Lucy 97.3%15
77Lucy3.0 Lucy's first Coffee-Table-Photo-Shoot! 97.3%15
704Lucy4.0 We're getting closer to the real thing!!! 97.3%22
654Lucy4.0 A sign of life from HamsterTracker.com! 97.2%29
500Lucy4.0 We've got a WINNER!!! 97.1%14
304Lucy4.0 My Personal (Little) Shredder... 97.1%14
190Lucy4.0 Persisting Lucy ... 97.1%14
733Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Project: StairWAY 4 Lucy (part II) 97.1%14
731Lucy3.0 Lucy's New Cage Experience... 97.1%14
445Lucy3.0 Lucy's Ticklin' 97.1%14
354Lucy3.0 Geekin' Maintenance Fun at HamsterTracker™ 97.1%14
337Lucy3.0 Lucy's Awesome Birthday Gift! 97.1%14
322Lucy3.0 How To Make a Hamster Pillow 97.1%14
265Lucy3.0 Treatin' Lucy again 97.1%14
224Lucy3.0 *stop the press* : LUCY = ULTRA CUTE! 97.1%14
199Lucy3.0 Introducin': - HamsterTracker™-Easy-Statistical-Navigation © ßeta 97.1%7
39Lucy3.0 Another HamsterTracker™-expansion 97.1%7
21Lucy3.0 Third week and third time for Lucy in her Explorer Ball! 97.1%7
712Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Kim (and Bruce) - part II 97.1%7
239Lucy3.0 Off-topic: Getting ready for Spring-time 97.0%20
130Lucy4.0 Behind the scenes at HamsterTracker™ 96.9%13
334Lucy3.0 Awesome Snail-Mail gift for Lucy! 96.9%13
229Lucy3.0 Pouchin' Lucy 96.9%13
171Lucy3.0 Lucy on the couch 96.9%13
693Lucy2.0 Let's check in on HamsterfanSite.com 96.9%13
529Lucy3.0 Totally Off Topic: Cookin' 4 ... Humans 96.8%19
555Lucy3.0 Freakin' Geekin' it at HamsterTracker™ 96.8%25
249Lucy3.0 Cookin' 4 Lucy: Easy Cheese/Apple Rolls 96.7%42
158Lucy3.0 Servin' Lucy the Veggie Tacos 96.7%30
122Lucy4.0 Pine-Seeds for Lucy 96.7%12
194Lucy3.0 Video of Lucy checkin' out her "Ka-Bob" 96.7%12
192Lucy3.0 Lucy's new years (2008), pine-seed negotiations... 96.7%12
165Lucy3.0 Monday = Chores-Day 96.7%12
35Lucy3.0 Walnut cruelty by Lucy 96.7%12
34Lucy3.0 Loungin' with Lucy 96.7%12
202Lucy3.0 Server update day... :-( 96.7%6
19Lucy3.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' North Sea Jazz 96.7%6
691Lucy2.0 One (little) step at a time... 96.7%6
3Lucy5.0 My first days with Lucy5.0 96.6%35
465Lucy5.0 Day 465 - one year plus 100 days 96.5%52
248Lucy3.0 Keyboard Maintenance at HamsterTracker™ 96.5%23
545Lucy3.0 A Homemade Xmas-Stocking for My Hamster Lucy 96.5%17
262Lucy3.0 Treatin' Lucy 96.5%17
589Lucy3.0 Lucy's Latest Statistical Graphs 96.4%33
763Lucy3.0 Lucy's burial ... 96.4%22
497Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update & a Q 4 U 96.4%11
228Lucy3.0 Funky Geekin' Weekend project 96.4%11
101Lucy3.0 Lucy's "1-0-0" party! 96.4%11
94Lucy3.0 Please help with the last caption... 96.4%11
83Lucy3.0 The Worst HamsterTracker™-Video EVER! 96.4%11
26Lucy3.0 Bummer2! 96.4%11
710Lucy2.0 Second last previously unpublished Lucy 2.0 photograph 96.3%16
24Lucy5.0 Lucy's 2nd Mansion-Expansion: Meditation Room ! 96.2%21
680Lucy2.0 BAD NEWS: Lucy passed away at 20:45 pm 96.0%20
382Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' it @ North Sea Jazz 2008 96.0%15
456Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 96.0%10
216Lucy3.0 WOOOHOOO! It finally arrived! 96.0%10
175Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs update 96.0%10
126Lucy3.0 Halloween Extreme HamsterTrackin'... 96.0%10
736Lucy2.0 Slightly off-topic... or is it? 96.0%10
642Lucy2.0 Lucy with a big snack 96.0%10
634Lucy2.0 An almost daily ritual 96.0%10
716Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™-LCD fix 96.0%5
689Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD in Kansas, USA - part II 96.0%5
676Lucy2.0 Lucy checkin' out her new quarters 96.0%5
666Lucy2.0 The 5.76 second bedroom-swap-pit-stop 96.0%5
657Lucy2.0 Late April-Fools? 96.0%5
490Lucy4.0 Mansion Expansion for Lucy 95.8%19
351Lucy4.0 Mathijs = PUBLISHED AUTHOR !!! 95.8%19
567Lucy3.0 Geekin'bout HamsterTracker™ Power Consumption 95.7%28
298Lucy4.0 Pine-Seed-Treat-Feed ... 95.7%14
422Lucy3.0 Lucy's Explorer Ball Fun! 95.7%14
305Lucy3.0 Vacation time fun with Lucy 95.7%14
295Lucy3.0 Not every 'great' idea gets Lucy's approval 95.7%14
188Lucy3.0 Geekin' Seasons holiday project: Fixin' the LCD (part 1) 95.7%14
156Lucy3.0 Cookin' Lucy a Veggie Taco 95.6%27
746Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™-Hardware Troubles 95.6%9
489Lucy3.0 Geekin' Projects Question 95.6%9
481Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 95.6%9
238Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs update 95.6%9
115Lucy3.0 Tough Extreme HamsterTrackin'... 95.6%9
76Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' New Zealand! - part 1 95.6%9
25Lucy3.0 Lucy decoratin' her bedroom! 95.6%9
23Lucy3.0 My 'Ambitious Hamster'-Tee-shirt arrived today! 95.6%9
740Lucy2.0 A new gadget at HamsterTracker™ 95.6%9
584Lucy4.0 Hardware Troubles for both Lucy and me! 95.4%13
127Lucy4.0 "(Semi-) Poetic" Lucy 95.4%13
333Lucy3.0 Quality time with my hamster Lucy 95.4%13
111Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Canada 95.4%13
11Lucy3.0 Teachin' Lucy HamsterTracker™-Etiquette 95.4%13
562Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update 95.0%24
530Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 95.0%20
278Lucy3.0 Lucy got me! 95.0%20
3Lucy3.0 Hamster-Treadmill-photo-shoot! 95.0%20
396Lucy4.0 (World?) Animal Day - in the Netherlands 95.0%16
433Lucy3.0 Keeping Lucy Busy 95.0%16
417Lucy3.0 Askin' Lucy 95.0%16
190Lucy3.0 VIP's at the HamsterTracker™-Headquarters 95.0%16
372Lucy3.0 Comparing Lucy's Statistical Graphs 95.0%12
173Lucy3.0 Geekin' the Scanner-Fix 95.0%12
141Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' High Rock Lake in Salisbury, North Carolina part II 95.0%12
31Lucy3.0 Sharin' it with Lucy 95.0%12
12Lucy3.0 Little star Lucy 95.0%8
703Lucy2.0 Cooking 'r-Ice-Tea' for your hamster 94.9%43
44Lucy5.0 Couch time with Lucy... 94.8%23
253Lucy3.0 The night after (Horror Night) 94.7%15
680Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 94.5%22
320Lucy4.0 Lucy's Inspection! 94.5%11
231Lucy4.0 Extreme Hardware Troubles ... (hopefully;) Finally Resolved! 94.5%11
273Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 94.5%11
178Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie 94.5%11
9Lucy3.0 A brand new Extreme HamsterTrackin' card with Lucy 3.0! 94.5%11
620Lucy2.0 And there is Lucy's way... 94.4%18
260Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Palm Springs, CA, USA 94.3%14
655Lucy2.0 Lucy being Lucy 94.3%7
571Lucy3.0 Bedroom Clean Time ... Lucy's part 94.1%17
143Lucy5.0 Lucy's first Statistical Graphs 94.0%10
81Lucy3.0 HamsterTracker™ Temperature Controlled Proximity Sensor 94.0%10
650Lucy2.0 Wednesday afternoon project 94.0%10
628Lucy2.0 Lucy's-Treadmill-Sensor Troubles are resolved! 93.9%23
398Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' México by Kim 93.8%13
641Lucy2.0 Lucy having a drink 93.8%13
242Lucy3.0 Lucy's 'dancin' to tha tunes' on the couch! 93.8%29
504Lucy3.0 An Awesome HamsterTracker™-Geekin' Side-Project 93.8%16
180Lucy4.0 Cookin' 4 Lucy: Ceasar Salad 93.3%51
419Lucy3.0 Couch fun with Lucy 93.3%21
134Lucy3.0 Lucy's Exploration 93.3%18
434Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 93.3%15
191Lucy4.0 Lucy's Latest Statistical Graphs Update 93.3%12
77Lucy4.0 Bedroom Clean for Lucy 93.3%12
301Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 93.3%12
287Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 93.3%12
105Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' High Rock Lake in Salisbury, North Carolina. 93.3%9
741Lucy2.0 Tomorrow there is a slight chance of adoptin' Lucy 3.0 93.3%9
685Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD in Kansas, USA - part I 93.3%9
602Lucy4.0 Lucy 4.0 has passed way today! 93.3%6
701Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD in Kansas, USA - part IV 93.3%6
671Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie in Wisconsin USA 93.3%6
669Lucy2.0 After Lucy scores a 'Lucy-Touchdown' 93.3%6
665Lucy2.0 Lucy is trainin' me 93.3%6
673Lucy2.0 Lets check in on Nany, Lucy's godchild from Puerto Rico 93.3%3
98Lucy3.0 Cookin' 4 Lucy: micro Veggie Pizza 92.8%53
95Lucy4.0 Windows 7 - Webcam outage ... and Lucy 92.7%11
678Lucy2.0 Taking Lucy to the Veterinarian 92.7%11
102Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' your Pet 92.5%8
158Lucy4.0 Geeking It ... Can be Dangerous! 92.2%18
1Lucy3.0 An AWESOME first day with Lucy 92.0%25
460Lucy3.0 Preparing for World Animal Day! 92.0%15
124Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' the daytime office 92.0%10
644Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update 92.0%10
704Lucy2.0 More previously unpublished Lucy 2.0 photographs 92.0%5
661Lucy2.0 Easter Lucy 92.0%5
258Lucy3.0 Loungin' at HamsterTracker™ 91.8%17
406Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Lourdes by Rhiannon 91.7%12
140Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs 91.7%12
214Lucy5.0 Long time, no write... 91.4%35
137Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend Project 91.4%21
144Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend project(s) 91.3%16
705Lucy2.0 Lucy's last Statistical Graphs update 91.1%9
622Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD 90.9%11
97Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' your Pet(s) 90.8%13
399Lucy3.0 A hot day at HamsterTracker™ 90.0%18
347Lucy3.0 Lucy's Latest Statistical Graphs 90.0%14
623Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy Update! - Week 5 90.0%14
123Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend Project 90.0%12
648Lucy2.0 Documentin' the Office 90.0%8
656Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Turnhout, Belgium - part II 90.0%4
346Lucy3.0 Cookin' up some Simple Pasta for Lucy 89.5%55
189Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs update 89.1%11
629Lucy2.0 Lucy's Trick! 89.1%11
624Lucy2.0 Constructing a puzzle for Lucy 89.1%11
679Lucy2.0 Lucy's Health Update 88.6%7
311Lucy3.0 Vacation Time Gaming Fun 88.3%12
146Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' the caribbean - Part one 88.3%12
376Lucy3.0 Geekin' 1.16+ Terabyte Fun 88.2%17
259Lucy4.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 88.0%10
203Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs update 88.0%10
14Lucy3.0 Lucy's First Statistical Graphs 88.0%10
621Lucy2.0 Lucy on the couch 88.0%10
619Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Todd 88.0%10
731Lucy2.0 How to build an iButton Intranet Temperature Webserver 88.0%5
670Lucy2.0 Another Lucy Observation 88.0%5
668Lucy2.0 I soo totally under-estimated this little (HUGE) project 88.0%5
217Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs update 87.3%11
116Lucy3.0 Geekin' Weekend project 86.7%18
631Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy Update! - Week 6 86.7%12
142Lucy4.0 Lucy's latest Statistical Graphs 86.7%9
320Lucy3.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs 86.2%13
154Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs update 86.0%10
718Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie on Lake Michigan USA 86.0%10
688Lucy2.0 Gotta start somewhere... 85.7%7
395Lucy4.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs Update 85.5%11
127Lucy3.0 Lucy's message ? ... 85.5%11
677Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update 85.5%11
91Lucy3.0 Statistical Graphs 85.0%8
732Lucy2.0 How to build an iButton Intranet Temperature Webserver - Part II 85.0%4
637Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Turnhout, Belgium 84.0%10
627Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update 84.0%10
730Lucy2.0 Introducing Lucy 3.0 's Godmother 84.0%5
658Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update 84.0%5
107Lucy3.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie. 83.5%17
663Lucy2.0 Observin' Lucy 82.9%7
660Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by DJane Vibrella & G-Man 82.9%7
652Lucy2.0 Visit to my favorite Pet-Shop 82.9%7
635Lucy2.0 Off-topic: Spring-time 82.9%7
651Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Puerto Rico 80.0%12
729Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by SLD outside Santa Barbara, - California USA - Part II 80.0%4
630Lucy2.0 Almost a Lucy-Touchdown! 78.0%10
643Lucy2.0 Spring 2007 (just) started! 77.5%8
726Lucy2.0 A very hard decision 75.0%4
160Lucy3.0 Lucy's Break O' Sleepin' 73.3%24
739Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in London, England 73.3%3
667Lucy2.0 A man's gotta do what he thinks needs doin' 73.3%3
662Lucy2.0 How I made the 'No Mice' animation 71.4%7
616Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy Update! n.a.
615Lucy2.0 Valentine Extreme HamsterTrackin' with Kim n.a.
614Lucy2.0 Lucy wants pineseeds! n.a.
613Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
612Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by DJane Vibrella n.a.
611Lucy2.0 A new Lucy Wallpaper n.a.
610Lucy2.0 JALTS! [ Just Another Lucy Tabletop (photo-)Shoot ] n.a.
609Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy Update! n.a.
608Lucy2.0 Valentines Day! n.a.
607Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Jodi n.a.
606Lucy2.0 JALTS! [ Just Another Lucy Tabletop (photo-)Shoot ] n.a.
605Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie n.a.
603Lucy2.0 JALTS! [ Just Another Lucy Tabletop (photo-)Shoot ] n.a.
602Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy Update! n.a.
601Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie n.a.
600Lucy2.0 Lucy's 600th day at HamsterTracker.com n.a.
599Lucy2.0 Lucy Swingin' to tha Tunes n.a.
598Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' with Kim (part 3) n.a.
596Lucy2.0 Teasing Lucy n.a.
595Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy - Update n.a.
594Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
593Lucy2.0 Lucy's day off n.a.
592Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' with Kim (part 2) n.a.
591Lucy2.0 More Quality Time with Lucy! n.a.
589Lucy2.0 Godmother Lucy! n.a.
588Lucy2.0 Another 'Lucy Touchdown' scored by Lucy n.a.
587Lucy2.0 Lucy showin' her ritual on the couch n.a.
586Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' with Kim (part 1) n.a.
585Lucy2.0 Quality time with Lucy on the couch n.a.
584Lucy2.0 Loungin' Lucy n.a.
582Lucy2.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' in Thailand n.a.
581Lucy2.0 Xtreme-MatchMakin' Lucy n.a.
580Lucy2.0 Lucy wants out! n.a.
579Lucy2.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' on the Red Square in Moscow (part 2) n.a.
578Lucy2.0 Quality time with Lucy (again) n.a.
576Lucy2.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' on the Red Square in Moscow (part 1) n.a.
575Lucy2.0 A brand new Lucy video n.a.
574Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
573Lucy2.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' by Jodi n.a.
572Lucy2.0 TV-watchin' with Lucy n.a.
571Lucy2.0 The day after servin' a Tomato Flavoured Donut n.a.
570Lucy2.0 Servin' Lucy her first tomato flavoured Donut n.a.
568Lucy2.0 Lucy workin' really hard n.a.
567Lucy2.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie and Steve (part 2) n.a.
566Lucy2.0 Lucy's way of lettin' me know (part 1) n.a.
565Lucy2.0 Xtreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie and Steve (part 1) n.a.
564Lucy2.0 YOU! n.a.
563Lucy2.0 New webcam lighting setup. n.a.
561Lucy2.0 New webcam setup of Webcam no 7. n.a.
560Lucy2.0 Lucy Photoshopped by Eric n.a.
559Lucy2.0 Lucy the TP-Roll killer n.a.
557Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ X-mas project: Webcam no. 7 n.a.
556Lucy2.0 X-mas spirited Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
555Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
554Lucy2.0 Lucy posin' on the coffee-table n.a.
553Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy the Veggie Hotdog (part 2) n.a.
552Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy the Veggie Hotdog (part 1) n.a.
551Lucy2.0 Veggie Hotdog for Lucy n.a.
550Lucy2.0 Lucy's way n.a.
549Lucy2.0 Early Xmas gift n.a.
548Lucy2.0 Another Lucy Touchdown n.a.
547Lucy2.0 Explorer Ball fun with Lucy n.a.
546Lucy2.0 Almost... n.a.
545Lucy2.0 Quality time with Lucy n.a.
544Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
543Lucy2.0 Lucy's way of letting me know n.a.
542Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands (part 2) n.a.
541Lucy2.0 From the mailbox n.a.
539Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands (part 1) n.a.
538Lucy2.0 Xmas card design n.a.
537Lucy2.0 Light conversation by Lucy n.a.
536Lucy2.0 Some other nice Lucy photo shots n.a.
535Lucy2.0 Lucy bein' cute on the couch (again) n.a.
534Lucy2.0 Lucy checkin' the coffee-table papers (part 2) n.a.
532Lucy2.0 Lucy checkin' the coffee-table papers (part 1) n.a.
531Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Orlando, Florida - USA (part 3) n.a.
530Lucy2.0 More Coffee-table fun n.a.
529Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Orlando, Florida - USA (part 2) n.a.
528Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
526Lucy2.0 Lucy's photo shoot with the 'Aquarium Candles' n.a.
525Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Orlando, Florida - USA (part 1) n.a.
524Lucy2.0 Lucy loves television! n.a.
523Lucy2.0 Servin' Lucy a Vitakraft Muffin n.a.
522Lucy2.0 Lucy wants out of her cage... n.a.
521Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Milwaukee, Wisconson USA n.a.
519Lucy2.0 Lucy's found new territory on the couch n.a.
518Lucy2.0 Lucy's way of persuasion n.a.
517Lucy2.0 Lucy's "Bedding Pillow" in action n.a.
516Lucy2.0 Slipped through the digital cracks of the mailbox n.a.
515Lucy2.0 Some maintenance today n.a.
513Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Agoura, California, USA n.a.
512Lucy2.0 Lucy's photo pose n.a.
511Lucy2.0 Lucy loves mail n.a.
510Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Guánica, Puerto Rico n.a.
509Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
508Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' on High Rock Lake in Salisbury, North Carolina n.a.
507Lucy2.0 Another (underneath the) Coffee-table photo shoot. n.a.
506Lucy2.0 Another (underneath the) Coffee-table photo shoot. n.a.
505Lucy2.0 Another Lucy game n.a.
504Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Germany n.a.
503Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Lexington, North Carolina USA n.a.
502Lucy2.0 Another Cute, Lucy, Coffee-table, Photo Shoot n.a.
501Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Brussels Belgium n.a.
499Lucy2.0 Free morning newspaper n.a.
497Lucy2.0 Debuggin' behind the scenes & Lucy n.a.
496Lucy2.0 Another visit to the petshop! n.a.
495Lucy2.0 Make: volume 7 arrived! n.a.
494Lucy2.0 Pushin' the HamsterTracker™ and Lucy's fame! n.a.
493Lucy2.0 Lucy being cute (as always) n.a.
491Lucy2.0 A weekend project for the HamsterTracker™ supporter n.a.
490Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
489Lucy2.0 Lucy on the Coffee-table n.a.
488Lucy2.0 Webcam no. 6 now online n.a.
487Lucy2.0 Lucy's climb n.a.
486Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ donation by Edwin n.a.
485Lucy2.0 Daniëlle and her mom Have caught the HamsterTracker™ virus! n.a.
483Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in London, Great Britain, part III the final n.a.
482Lucy2.0 Giggles n.a.
481Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in London, Great Britain, part II n.a.
480Lucy2.0 On the Couch Fun with Lucy n.a.
478Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Signapore n.a.
477Lucy2.0 Lucy's (Explorer) Ball fun n.a.
476Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Germany n.a.
475Lucy2.0 World Animal/Pet Day today! n.a.
474Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in London, Great Britain, part I n.a.
473Lucy2.0 Photoshoot directed by Lucy n.a.
472Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' it from Dallas, Texas, to Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. n.a.
470Lucy2.0 La Palma, Spain Extreme HamsterTrackin' by DJane Vibrella and G-man n.a.
469Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
468Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy a Vitakraft Donut - (final) part IV n.a.
467Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' it in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. n.a.
466Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy a Vitakraft Donut - part III n.a.
465Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' by DJane Vibrella and G-man - part I n.a.
463Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy a Vitakraft Donut - part II n.a.
462Lucy2.0 DIY-Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Michelle - part IV the final n.a.
461Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy a Vitakraft Donut - part I n.a.
460Lucy2.0 DIY-Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Michelle - part III n.a.
459Lucy2.0 Sometimes it's not always going smoothly, or does it? n.a.
457Lucy2.0 The first time Lucy has done this... n.a.
456Lucy2.0 DIY-Extreme HamsterTrackin' by Michelle - part II n.a.
455Lucy2.0 From the HamsterTracker™-mailbox n.a.
454Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy her Apple-Sushi n.a.
453Lucy2.0 Apple-Sushi for Lucy n.a.
452Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
451Lucy2.0 Fifth (and final) HamsterTracker™-Tee-Transfer winner! Michelle!!! n.a.
450Lucy2.0 Lucy (2.0) third video n.a.
449Lucy2.0 Fourth HamsterTracker™-Tee-Transfer winner! Andrea!!! n.a.
448Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ 2 years online today! n.a.
447Lucy2.0 Lucy having a treat n.a.
446Lucy2.0 Third HamsterTracker™-Tee-Transfer winner! Lee!!! n.a.
445Lucy2.0 Second HamsterTracker™-Tee-Transfer winner! n.a.
444Lucy2.0 Lucy wants her Explorer Ball n.a.
442Lucy2.0 How to photograph Lucy the hard way n.a.
441Lucy2.0 First HamsterTracker™-Tee-Transfer winner! n.a.
440Lucy2.0 Fluffy Littl' Lucy (Ball) n.a.
439Lucy2.0 Lucy's Banner on Radio42.com! n.a.
438Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
436Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™-Tees Extreme HamsterTrackin' competition n.a.
435Lucy2.0 Lucy a bit annoyed... n.a.
434Lucy2.0 Making HamsterTracker™-Tees; Testing the Prototype n.a.
433Lucy2.0 Lucy climbing out of her cage into her Explorer Ball n.a.
432Lucy2.0 NEW: Extreme HamsterTrackin' pages per country n.a.
431Lucy2.0 From the HamsterTracker™ mailbox n.a.
430Lucy2.0 Showing Lucy the HamsterTracker™-Tee n.a.
429Lucy2.0 Making HamsterTracker™-Tees, Part 3 n.a.
428Lucy2.0 Geek horror! n.a.
427Lucy2.0 Making HamsterTracker™-Tees, Part 2 n.a.
426Lucy2.0 Making HamsterTracker™-Tees, Part 1 n.a.
425Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy the Hamster-Bananasplit/Cake n.a.
424Lucy2.0 Hamster-Bananasplit/Cake for Lucy n.a.
422Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
421Lucy2.0 Coffee-table-top-photo-shoot n.a.
420Lucy2.0 A lot of fun with Lucy on the couch again n.a.
419Lucy2.0 Mount Rushmore DIY Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
418Lucy2.0 A new Lucy desktop for you to download n.a.
417Lucy2.0 From the mailbox n.a.
416Lucy2.0 Jop and Jan's Lucy drawings n.a.
415Lucy2.0 Lucy's first video appearance n.a.
412Lucy2.0 Lucy in her Explorer Ball n.a.
411Lucy2.0 The geek in Lucy n.a.
410Lucy2.0 Lucy getting into her Explorer ball n.a.
408Lucy2.0 Lucy posing with fake apples and real wallnuts n.a.
407Lucy2.0 Must be due to the heatwave n.a.
406Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
405Lucy2.0 Lucy showing off her media training n.a.
404Lucy2.0 Lucy's raspberry flavoured treat n.a.
403Lucy2.0 End of our Summer Break n.a.
401Lucy2.0 Still coping with hot temperatures n.a.
399Lucy2.0 Cheap airconditioning for Lucy n.a.
397Lucy2.0 Way too hot! n.a.
396Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Dortmund, Germany n.a.
394Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Lyon, France n.a.
393Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Lyon, France n.a.
392Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
391Lucy2.0 From the HamsterTracker™ mailbox - Update n.a.
389Lucy2.0 From the HamsterTracker™ mailbox n.a.
388Lucy2.0 Cooling off... n.a.
387Lucy2.0 Extra bedroom cleaning due to warm weather n.a.
386Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Eindhoven, the Netherlands n.a.
385Lucy2.0 Fun with Lucy on the couch n.a.
384Lucy2.0 Concluding Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Wales, UK n.a.
383Lucy2.0 Lucy havin' fun n.a.
382Lucy2.0 Lucy noddin' off in this warm weather n.a.
381Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' Update from Wales, UK n.a.
380Lucy2.0 Another DIY Extreme HamsterTrackin' entry n.a.
378Lucy2.0 Lucy's way of saying... n.a.
377Lucy2.0 The Hamster Coupon: n.a.
376Lucy2.0 Lucy's big treat n.a.
375Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
374Lucy2.0 Second DIY Extreme HamsterTrackin' entry n.a.
372Lucy2.0 Visit to the petshop n.a.
371Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Wales, UK n.a.
370Lucy2.0 'The Ducktape Explorer Ball Lock' n.a.
369Lucy2.0 Lucy's great escape from her Explorer Ball n.a.
368Lucy2.0 Funny electronics and a Lucy Wuppie n.a.
366Lucy2.0 Yoghurt served in a Cucumber bowl n.a.
365Lucy2.0 My first year with Lucy! n.a.
364Lucy2.0 Lucy made it clear again n.a.
363Lucy2.0 Bit of old news brought fresh n.a.
362Lucy2.0 Sleepin' Cutie n.a.
361Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
359Lucy2.0 Hamster Real Estate Negotiations n.a.
357Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kas, Turkey - UPDATE n.a.
356Lucy2.0 Lucy hoarding it up to the max n.a.
355Lucy2.0 Lucy's first naughty-ness - the day after n.a.
354Lucy2.0 Lucy's first naughty-ness n.a.
353Lucy2.0 Explorerball fun n.a.
351Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kas, Turkey - UPDATE n.a.
349Lucy2.0 DIY - Extreme HamsterTrackin' kit n.a.
348Lucy2.0 My birthday 2day! n.a.
347Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kas - Turkey n.a.
346Lucy2.0 Lucy's new milestone: n.a.
345Lucy2.0 Only 9.06 meters to go... n.a.
343Lucy2.0 A (challenging) gift for Lucy! part II n.a.
342Lucy2.0 A (challenging) gift for Lucy! n.a.
341Lucy2.0 Lucy has starred on MyYahoo! n.a.
340Lucy2.0 Lucy's bedroom cleaning day n.a.
339Lucy2.0 Lucy's hint n.a.
338Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' up to the last minute n.a.
336Lucy2.0 Lucy didn't run much in her treadmill last night n.a.
335Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' on the Etna in Italy n.a.
334Lucy2.0 Has Lucy gained weight? n.a.
333Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
332Lucy2.0 Even More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
329Lucy2.0 Website T-shirts & Lucy n.a.
328Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
327Lucy2.0 Another Vitakraft experiment by Lucy n.a.
326Lucy2.0 Even More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
325Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
322Lucy2.0 Lucy's Birthday! n.a.
321Lucy2.0 Sssh, don't tell Lucy (yet)... n.a.
320Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
319Lucy2.0 Internet blackout... n.a.
315Lucy2.0 Vitakraft experiment by Lucy n.a.
314Lucy2.0 Lucy's Portrait n.a.
313Lucy2.0 Toast & Peanutbutter Xperiment n.a.
312Lucy2.0 Springtime & Lucy's game (again) n.a.
309Lucy2.0 Lucy's tough business negotiations n.a.
308Lucy2.0 Many new ideas for HamsterTracker.com n.a.
307Lucy2.0 Behaviour experiment with Lucy n.a.
306Lucy2.0 Lucy's moment to herself n.a.
305Lucy2.0 Easter Donation by Dup n.a.
304Lucy2.0 Lucy's opinion n.a.
302Lucy2.0 Great news from Vitakraft! n.a.
301Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
300Lucy2.0 Exclusive download: All new Lucy wallpaper n.a.
299Lucy2.0 The birth of HamsterTracker.com n.a.
298Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
295Lucy2.0 Lucy's being a great hostes! n.a.
294Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
293Lucy2.0 Serving Lucy a Micro-Cheeseburger n.a.
292Lucy2.0 HOWTO: Make Micro-Burgers for your hamster n.a.
291Lucy2.0 Should I clean this up right now? n.a.
290Lucy2.0 Offtopic: Springtime! n.a.
289Lucy2.0 Lucy's ordering n.a.
287Lucy2.0 Daylight saving time n.a.
286Lucy2.0 Maintenance day n.a.
285Lucy2.0 Lucy's pouching a little BIG treat n.a.
284Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
281Lucy2.0 Lucy's tabletop photo shoot n.a.
280Lucy2.0 Lucy wants to meet you n.a.
279Lucy2.0 Lucy the TP-roll killer n.a.
278Lucy2.0 Fun with cable ties; the less than € 0,09 camera mount (Prototype) n.a.
276Lucy2.0 Lucy's game n.a.
275Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ webcam no. 5 now online! n.a.
273Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
272Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' n.a.
271Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ server - technical stuff n.a.
270Lucy2.0 Lucy's hamster Popcorn n.a.
269Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
267Lucy2.0 Lucy's squared left (almost complete) U-turn n.a.
266Lucy2.0 Lucy on the couch n.a.
265Lucy2.0 More Extreme HamsterTrackin' in China n.a.
264Lucy2.0 Local elections day and Virtual Lucy n.a.
263Lucy2.0 NEW: Webcam no. 4 now online n.a.
260Lucy2.0 NEW: Best of Lucy 2.0 photographs n.a.
259Lucy2.0 ISP-Backbone troubles n.a.
257Lucy2.0 Quality time with Lucy on the couch n.a.
256Lucy2.0 Lucy's freshly cleaned bedroom n.a.
255Lucy2.0 Extreme HamsterTrackin' in China! n.a.
253Lucy2.0 Lucy having fun in her explorer ball n.a.
252Lucy2.0 A visit to the petshop n.a.
251Lucy2.0 Exclusive download: All new Lucy wallpaper n.a.
249Lucy2.0 Lucy promotion on the Trans-Siberia Express n.a.
246Lucy2.0 Having fun with Lucy n.a.
245Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
244Lucy2.0 Lucy's website country visits n.a.
243Lucy2.0 Lucy's webcam viewed with Palm® LifeDrive™ n.a.
242Lucy2.0 Lucy's treat n.a.
239Lucy2.0 Lucy's deep meditation in her meditationroom n.a.
236Lucy2.0 When your pet looks at you like that... n.a.
235Lucy2.0 Website improvement and a nice picture of Lucy n.a.
233Lucy2.0 Profile of Lucy's face - Part II n.a.
231Lucy2.0 Determining Lucy's weight - Part II n.a.
230Lucy2.0 Determining Lucy's weight n.a.
229Lucy2.0 Lucy Promotion Difficulties - part II n.a.
228Lucy2.0 Lucy Promotion Difficulties n.a.
225Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
224Lucy2.0 Profile of Lucy's face n.a.
223Lucy2.0 A very cute Lucy photograph n.a.
221Lucy2.0 Valid RSS feed! n.a.
219Lucy2.0 Spread the hamster love! n.a.
218Lucy2.0 RAQ: Recently Asked Question n.a.
217Lucy2.0 Checking the IR gates and software n.a.
216Lucy2.0 How to determine your hamsters true colors using a picture editor n.a.
215Lucy2.0 Lucy's Upcomming Experiment n.a.
211Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
210Lucy2.0 Lucy animation experiment n.a.
209Lucy2.0 'the LOOK' by Lucy n.a.
208Lucy2.0 Update of Lucy's Jingle Dumbell experiment n.a.
207Lucy2.0 Lucy's water consumption now in RSS-feed n.a.
204Lucy2.0 Lucy's BIG climb and descend n.a.
202Lucy2.0 Lucy's checkup n.a.
201Lucy2.0 A small change! n.a.
199Lucy2.0 Happy 2006! n.a.
196Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs update n.a.
195Lucy2.0 The "Jingle Dumbell" Experiment n.a.
194Lucy2.0 More X-mas gifts for Lucy! n.a.
193Lucy2.0 Lucy's X-mas gift n.a.
190Lucy2.0 Quality time with Lucy n.a.
188Lucy2.0 Cage cleaning day n.a.
186Lucy2.0 Virtual Lucy is doin' some X-mas tree climbing n.a.
185Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ Websurfin' n.a.
183Lucy2.0 Hamster Treadmill Runnin' n.a.
182Lucy2.0 Lucy's (hamster-) yoga n.a.
181Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ server running smoothly 4 65 days! n.a.
180Lucy2.0 Lucy's virtual life (in the café) - Update n.a.
179Lucy2.0 Lucy's ALL NEW Statistical Graphs n.a.
176Lucy2.0 Another Lucy! n.a.
175Lucy2.0 The importance of (recent decent) backups n.a.
174Lucy2.0 Lucy's right foot n.a.
173Lucy2.0 I can take a hint... n.a.
172Lucy2.0 Not Lucy's most flattering picture, or is it? n.a.
171Lucy2.0 Lucy wants out of her cage n.a.
167Lucy2.0 Just having fun with Lucy n.a.
166Lucy2.0 Behavioural experiment n.a.
165Lucy2.0 Lucy's (intelligent hamster) behaviour n.a.
162Lucy2.0 Some (odd) statistics n.a.
161Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ WebCam Studio n.a.
159Lucy2.0 small Website improvement n.a.
158Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs n.a.
157Lucy2.0 Interesting hamster research n.a.
154Lucy2.0 Lucy's virtual life (in the café) n.a.
153Lucy2.0 POS-display n.a.
152Lucy2.0 Lucy's bedroom cleaning n.a.
147Lucy2.0 'Cooking' up flowers for Lucy n.a.
145Lucy2.0 Daredevil Lucy n.a.
144Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Graphs n.a.
143Lucy2.0 Lucy's Ball n.a.
142Lucy2.0 Lucy's new cage setup n.a.
140Lucy2.0 Lucy's Photo Shoot n.a.
136Lucy2.0 Lucy's new milestone! n.a.
133Lucy2.0 A lot of work behind the scenes! n.a.
131Lucy2.0 Lucy's 300 Km mark is less than 4 Km away! n.a.
130Lucy2.0 Lucy spends 10% of her time in her treadmill n.a.
124Lucy2.0 New HamsterTracker™ statistical graphs n.a.
119Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ running cost estimate n.a.
118Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ Point of Sale (POS) display n.a.
116Lucy2.0 Unable to update! n.a.
111Lucy2.0 Lucy's new speed record! n.a.
110Lucy2.0 Pets-day today! n.a.
107Lucy2.0 NEW: HamsterTracker™ Display n.a.
105Lucy2.0 Lucy exploring the table n.a.
103Lucy2.0 More Extreme Icelandic HamsterTrackin' n.a.
101Lucy2.0 Lucy's new bedroom n.a.
98Lucy2.0 Lucy's Statistical Update n.a.
92Lucy2.0 Lucy wrecked my shirt ;-) n.a.
91Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ bug? n.a.
90Lucy2.0 My (Infrared) Webcam software is to blame of the blackout last night! n.a.
89Lucy2.0 Infrared Webcam Online! n.a.
86Lucy2.0 Exclusive download: Lucy wallpaper n.a.
85Lucy2.0 Lucy ran a whopping Mach 0.0012871! n.a.
83Lucy2.0 Lucy on the couch & ISP troubles last night n.a.
82Lucy2.0 Update of Lucy's graphs! n.a.
81Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ one year online! n.a.
79Lucy2.0 200+ Km by Lucy! n.a.
77Lucy2.0 Dutch Supermarket inspired by Lucy? n.a.
76Lucy2.0 Servercrash again last night... n.a.
73Lucy2.0 Sandra's Extreme (Iceland-ic) HamsterTrackin' n.a.
72Lucy2.0 Gettting near the 200 km milestone! n.a.
71Lucy2.0 1200+ visitors in the last 24 hours! n.a.
69Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ server ran without problems last night! n.a.
67Lucy2.0 Lucy ran another speedrecord! n.a.
61Lucy2.0 HamsterTracker™ server problem last night n.a.
60Lucy2.0 Lucy spends more time on the couch n.a.
54Lucy2.0 Lucy's New statistical graphs! n.a.
53Lucy2.0 Statistical RSS feed in Beta today! n.a.
50Lucy2.0 11 months online! n.a.
48Lucy2.0 Lucy's other side n.a.
47Lucy2.0 Lucy's hamster acrobatics n.a.
46Lucy2.0 Some more Lucy Pictures n.a.
40Lucy2.0 Lucy did it in 40 days: 100+ km! n.a.
39Lucy2.0 Lucy almost ran her first 100 km! n.a.
36Lucy2.0 Quality time on the couch n.a.
35Lucy2.0 Only 13,172.53 meters to go... n.a.
34Lucy2.0 Lucy is definitely not camera-shy! n.a.
31Lucy2.0 Lucy's wave! n.a.
30Lucy2.0 Lucy's first month with me! n.a.
28Lucy2.0 Lucy is doing fine! n.a.
27Lucy2.0 Lucy ate a small bit of cat food, and loved it! n.a.
21Lucy2.0 Lucy is climbing in her cage! n.a.
20Lucy2.0 50+ km! n.a.
15Lucy2.0 Taming Lucy n.a.
13Lucy2.0 All systems (and Lucy) running again n.a.
11Lucy2.0 A bit off topic: Visited by a baby porcupine hedgehog n.a.
10Lucy2.0 Lucy has found her own way to cool down n.a.
9Lucy2.0 Lucy's first treadmill graph n.a.
7Lucy2.0 Linked by Hamsterific.com!!! n.a.
5Lucy2.0 Picture of Lucy's current cage n.a.
4Lucy2.0 She eats out of my hand! n.a.
3Lucy2.0 My cute littl' lucy! n.a.
1Lucy2.0 Looks like Lucy is a runner! n.a.
0Lucy2.0 Introducing Lucy 2.0: n.a.
186Lucy1.0 Hamster Adoption within 10 days? n.a.
180Lucy1.0 Can't seem to find a hamster for adoption yet n.a.
174Lucy1.0 Still Gettin' Ready n.a.
173Lucy1.0 Gettin' Ready part II n.a.
172Lucy1.0 Gettin' Ready n.a.
166Lucy1.0 Early birthday present n.a.
164Lucy1.0 Upload details n.a.
158Lucy1.0 Lucy's final graph version 2 n.a.
157Lucy1.0 Lucy's final graphs n.a.
153Lucy1.0 A card today n.a.
152Lucy1.0 HamsterTracker™ will continue n.a.
151Lucy1.0 The day after.. n.a.
150Lucy1.0 Lucy passed away today ... n.a.
145Lucy1.0 Lucy's medication n.a.
144Lucy1.0 The Vet n.a.
137Lucy1.0 The vitamine project n.a.
135Lucy1.0 Four Hamster Finger Fact n.a.
131Lucy1.0 Lucy's ignored her treadmill totally last night n.a.
129Lucy1.0 Lucy's a bit lazy n.a.
127Lucy1.0 Happy 75th Birthday, Gold Hamster n.a.
124Lucy1.0 Radio42.com Back Online! n.a.
123Lucy1.0 Radio42.com will be Back Online! n.a.
117Lucy1.0 Working on my own and new Webcam server software n.a.
115Lucy1.0 Closedown of Radio42.com n.a.
112Lucy1.0 Two webcams online n.a.
109Lucy1.0 A new Lucy picture today n.a.
105Lucy1.0 Just some fresh new Lucy pictures today n.a.
101Lucy1.0 Statistical graphs update n.a.
100Lucy1.0 Webcams and stuff n.a.
99Lucy1.0 I modified Lucy's cage today n.a.
95Lucy1.0 Another Speed record for Lucy n.a.
94Lucy1.0 28.23 minutes to slaughter a Kräcker n.a.
92Lucy1.0 Ultimate Website promotion n.a.
87Lucy1.0 Lucy's BREAKOUT n.a.
86Lucy1.0 Lucy's mansion n.a.
85Lucy1.0 Behind the scenes n.a.
84Lucy1.0 It took Lucy 85 days to drink 500 ml. of water n.a.
83Lucy1.0 Lucy is currently sleeping n.a.
82Lucy1.0 Update of Lucy's statistical graph n.a.
81Lucy1.0 Lucy ate some cooked chicken for the first time n.a.
80Lucy1.0 Lucy past her first 100+ km milestone last night n.a.
79Lucy1.0 Just 389.88 meters away from 100 km n.a.
76Lucy1.0 Lucy is very near her 100 km Milestone n.a.
74Lucy1.0 Linked by DJane Vibrella n.a.
73Lucy1.0 Treadmill SPAM! n.a.
72Lucy1.0 Quality time on the couch n.a.
70Lucy1.0 Ultra Mega Cool n.a.
69Lucy1.0 Cleaning up... n.a.
68Lucy1.0 Observation: Hamsters DO dream n.a.
67Lucy1.0 Lucy's Statistical graph update n.a.
65Lucy1.0 What HamsterTracker™ taught me n.a.
63Lucy1.0 Lucy stuff n.a.
58Lucy1.0 Lucy drank a total 33 cl. of water n.a.
53Lucy1.0 Lucy cleaning her bedroom n.a.
52Lucy1.0 Lucy for President! n.a.
51Lucy1.0 Lucy's Statitical Graph Update n.a.
49Lucy1.0 Lucy stuff n.a.
46Lucy1.0 Testing the HamsterTracker™-Server n.a.
42Lucy1.0 Working on the new HamsterTracker™-Server n.a.
40Lucy1.0 A really cool HamsterTracker™-Server n.a.
38Lucy1.0 Working on the cage expansion n.a.
37Lucy1.0 Another speed record today: 28.8 cm/s n.a.
34Lucy1.0 Water consumption administration improvement n.a.
33Lucy1.0 Software bug detected n.a.
32Lucy1.0 Another Milestone (again) n.a.
31Lucy1.0 Another milestone for Lucy n.a.
30Lucy1.0 1000+ hits n.a.
28Lucy1.0 New Lucy photo's n.a.
27Lucy1.0 New statistical graph n.a.
26Lucy1.0 Software update... still running stable n.a.
25Lucy1.0 Website layout changes n.a.
24Lucy1.0 A great book n.a.
23Lucy1.0 Anther long distance record n.a.
22Lucy1.0 Lucy ran a personal long distance record today n.a.
21Lucy1.0 Happy New Year n.a.
19Lucy1.0 HamsterTracker™-Server Crash n.a.
17Lucy1.0 Statistical graph n.a.
15Lucy1.0 Lucy is taking it easy ... n.a.
11Lucy1.0 Lucy is running her little legs off n.a.
10Lucy1.0 Software status, still running stable n.a.
9Lucy1.0 Software status, the system seems stable n.a.
7Lucy1.0 Software status n.a.
5Lucy1.0 Factsheet of Lucy n.a.
4Lucy1.0 Promote Lucy! n.a.
3Lucy1.0 System Crash ... again n.a.
2Lucy1.0 System Crash n.a.
1Lucy1.0 Competition results page n.a.
0Lucy1.0 Introducing Lucy n.a.
96- Installing cage and system today n.a.
95- Made some cool stuff today n.a.
92- First Succesful Testing n.a.
91- Some more Ghostbusting n.a.
90- No more Disk errors n.a.
89- More Disk errors n.a.
86- Disk errors n.a.
85- A new page on HamsterTracker™-Repairs n.a.
84- Finally found the fault that caused the Ghost Data n.a.
82- Today I trained my Ghost Buster n.a.
81- Still Ghost Data n.a.
80- I know I've mentioned it before n.a.
79- Bought the bottle of Beaujolais Primeur today n.a.
78- I've made some changes to the FTP software n.a.
77- The ghost data has returned sadly n.a.
76- I guess it's because of my sisters birthday today n.a.
75- Still working on the HamsterTracker™ software n.a.
71- Working on the HamsterTracker™ software n.a.
67- This has been a tough week n.a.
60- Because I've (sadly) got the flu n.a.
59- I've downloaded a copy of the Firefox browser today n.a.
58- HamsterTracker™-Server software changes n.a.
52- Fixed the statistical date bug n.a.
51- Treadmill data n.a.
50- Still haven't solved the Treadmill problem n.a.
47- Software Endurance test results n.a.
45- I haven't done much today n.a.
44- Still Working on the HamsterTracker™ software n.a.
43- Working on the HamsterTracker™ software n.a.
40- A Totally Flattering Compliment n.a.
39- An Email from Robert n.a.
38- My Guestbook was signed for the first time today n.a.
37- Started documenting setting up the real test setup n.a.
33- Started setting up the real test setup n.a.
31- A slight delay n.a.
25- I had a pretty tough side project a few days ago n.a.
21- I've done a lot of work behind the scenes n.a.
18- Menubar changes n.a.
17- Still working on the Treadmill data collection n.a.
14- Working on the Treadmill data collection n.a.
13- Working on the HamsterTracker™-Software n.a.
12- Updated the Requirements page n.a.
11- I've decided on a name for my next hamster n.a.
10- Added a technical note on the IR Sensors page n.a.
9- New scans and pictures of Julie n.a.
8- The Palm Pilot Hamster Database Screen Dumps n.a.
7- Scanned some photographs today n.a.
5- Updated Treadmill page and the n.a.
4- Updated the following pages n.a.
3- I put some screendumps on the web n.a.
2- Dumping schematics on the web n.a.
0- Website Launch n.a.
0- asdf - Unrated -

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