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News Archive:

Thursday, December 29, 2005 - day 196 - current treadmill total: 334,405.53 meters! (17:20 CET)

Lucy's Statistical Graphs update

Here's an update of Lucy's latest statistical graphs.

My hamster Lucy lastest statistical graph.
HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68, 76, 90, 91, 96, 99, 116, 182

My hamster Lucy treadmill time graph.

My hamster Lucy water consumption graph.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 - day 195 -
current treadmill total: 334,333.03 meters! (17:45 CET)

The "Jingle Dumbell" Experiment

I presented Lucy with the Jingle Dumbell, which was a gift from Sandra (mentioned yesterday).

Lucy exploring the 'Jingle Dumbell'.
What's this??? - Lucy

Picture of my hamster Lucy wanting out of her cage.
"Can I come out and play?" - Lucy

She knawed on the 'Jingle Dumbell' for aproximately half a minute. Then she sniffed it from different angles.

She lost interest in approximately two minutes... And wanted out of her cage...

I guess this is not really a hamster toy. In the cage, Lucy has, it can't roll around for her to play with.
I'm planning some more experiments with this on the couch. But for now Lucy, seems picky!

HamsterTracker™ shouts to Sandra for these excitingly interesting experiments!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 - day 194 - current treadmill total: 333,837.69 meters! (19:45 CET)

More X-mas gifts for Lucy!

Yesterday, (in holland we have two days of christmas), Lucy got some awesome gifts from Sandra. (Almost) 1 Million toiletpaper-rolls:

Picture Sandra's gift: (almost) 1 million toiletpaper rolls.
Lucy is going to enjoy these!

Lucy also got a "Jingle Dumbell" from Sandra

Picture of the 'Jingle Dumbell' gift Lucy got for X-mas from Sandra.

I've checked the website that's on the card attached to the 'Jingle Dumbell' www.russelrabbit.com, because I am not really sure if this is for hamsters. It states:

" Jingle Dumbell - Designed to encourage small animals to play and exercise. Rabbits, ferrets and other small animals will love the jingle ball inside the dumbbell."

I am going to wait untill Lucy wakes up, and observe what she does with it. I'll try to make some photographs along the way. To be continued...

Sandra thank you for your Lucy support! Therefore,

HamsterTracker™ shouts to Sandra!

Monday, December 26, 2005 - day 193 - current treadmill total: 333,309.12 meters! (11:00 CET)

Lucy's X-mas gift

Lucy got a gift from Meinke and Ben yesterday.

Picture of Meinke and Ben.

Picture of the gift Lucy got for X-mas.
HamsterTracker™ shouts to Meinke & Ben!

Friday, December 23, 2005 - day 190 - current treadmill total: 332,219.62 meters! (22:00 CET)

Quality time with Lucy

I've just spend some quality time with Lucy. I had some fun watching her running around in her explorer ball. (25 minutes max).

Picture of Lucy exiting her explorer ball.
"Do I really have to come out?" - Lucy

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 - day 188 - current treadmill total: 330,683.56 meters! (20:15 CET)

Cage cleaning day

Today Lucy's cage needed a good cleaning!

Picture of Lucy's cage after cleaning, almost ready.
Almost ready here!

After cleaning I always try to make up for the inconvinience:

Picture of Lucy's cage after cleaning, almost ready.
.... - Speechless Lucy

Monday, December 19, 2005 - day 186 -
current treadmill total: 329,540.78 meters! (18:00 CET)

Picture of virtual hamster Lucy, climbing in a Xmas tree.

Virtual Lucy is doin' some X-mas tree climbing

See also: december 13, 2005 and November 17, 2005)

Virtual Lucy's holiday update:

I've seen the pictures on the cell-phone mentioned on december 13, 2005; they are awesome!'

They show that Virtual Lucy wasn't mistreated or anything.

Actually she was treated very very nice.

I am promised that I'll receive these pictures on floppy!

I'll publish them immediately as soon as I have them.

To be continued... (Let's hope)

Sunday, December 18, 2005 - day 185 - current treadmill total: 328,857.72 meters! (21:45 CET)

HamsterTracker™ Websurfin'


My virtual friend & also hamster lover and person behind www.xander.it (italian site) Alessandro, has been doin' some HamsterTracker™ promotion! (click for: a 'Google to english translated' version of www.xander.it )
He was kind enough to link the HamsterTracker™ site a while ago!

He has one of Italy's most favorite hamster webcam.

Alessandro has also started another service MaCheIdea.com

Overview of MaCheIdea.com

This is one of those awesome sites, which you don't know what you can expect when you click a link. After spending some time clicking and exploring, I am concluding that this site is truely addictive.

Alessandro was kind enough to add this HamsterTracker™ website to the awesome list, and yesterday it was NO 1 in unique visitors!

Lucy is number one for the day

Therefore visit

For pure web-surfin' enjoyment during these seasons holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2005 - day 183 - current treadmill total: 328,094.41 meters! (17:30 CET)

Hamster Treadmill Runnin'

Last night the HamsterTracker™ server ran without a problem. It recorded 417.47 meters yesterday and 440.62 meters today!
Although Lucy isn't running as much in her treadmill as in the beginning, she still ran (do the math here 857.09 meters) and that's a lot last night.
Pretty much for an approximately 10 cm large animal. That is 8571 times her bodysize!

That would be the same as me running an approximate of 1.82 * 8571 = 15,599.22 meters or (approximately) 10 miles, last night!

Because Lucy's record in a single night is 5,390.56 meters, this would be equivalent of me running: ( 53906 * 1.82 = ) 98,108.92 meters (almost 100 km or 61 miles)!

That's more than 2 marathons! in a single night! (an olympic marathon is 42,195 meters in length!)

My hamster Lucy wanting to celibrate the weekend.
"I just think hamster-treadmill-runnin' should be Hamster-O-LYMPIC!" - Lucy

Thursday, December 15, 2005 - day 182 - current treadmill total: 327,236.06 meters! (17:30 CET)

Lucy's (hamster-) yoga

Picture of my camera: Canon digital IXUS 700

I'm still in the process of learning on how to operate my camera. It's a Canon Digital IXUS 700 and it has gazillions of capabilities. Ofcourse once you try a setting that works for certain circumstances, you'll be likely to stick with that setting. Today I was experimenting with different settings, and the following pictures where taken, through a (tinted) plastic cage and all:

Lucy has her moments of acting silly; every night after she's been awake about half an hour, Lucy goes up to her 'Meditation room'. Up there she gets a little wild and crazy. Maybe this is genuine hamster yoga! I think it's great fun to watch;

My hamster Lucy acting silly.

My hamster Lucy acting silly.
This is an action picture, Lucy's not sleepin' here!

I don't think there's anything wrong with Lucy when she does this because she does this only after waking up and in the evening. I suppose it's some kind of ritual that as a part of her washing up. In the first picture, I (think) I see Lucy smiling! (Like I was myself while taking these pictures!)

If you're wondering why all the hamster-poo is in the pictures; hamsters actually need to eat some of their poo as an addition to their diet. It contains minerals and other stuff, which hamsters need, and couldn't digest 'the first time'. Therefore not all should be removed from her cage.

I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it yesterday, b'cause last night the HamsterTracker™ server (sadly) crashed!

I'm still investigating... when I checked the server was frozen for some kind of reason... I rebooted, and all looks well, lets hope that all goes well tonight.
Sadly no data was recorded last night. Although Lucy has shifted her treadmill time from after 0:00 to before (0:00), I suspect about 100 - 200 meters where not recorded. Ofcourse, we'll never know for sure...

Update: (19:35 CET) As it seems, my Windows 98 scheduler runs an 'Optimize applications' task once a month.
Because my HamsterTracker™ server was online (without a hitch) since november 15, the time had come...
Needless to say, I've deleted that task! The HamsterTracker™ server only runs the HamsterTracker™ system, therefore, I really don't need these kinds of so called 'optimizations'.

Time will tell... If I've got it right...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 - day 181 - current treadmill total: 327,022.06 meters! (19:45)

HamsterTracker™ server running smoothly 4 65 days!

I probably shouldn't mention this, because of the known risk of mentioning something like this. But here it goes:

The last time the HamsterTracker™ server crashed was on day 116, so today the HamsterTracker™ server has been running smoothly for ( 181 - 116 = ) 65 days!
Even Lucy has not crashed the system during these days! (Remember, Monday August 22, 2005 - day 67?)

HamsterTracker(tm) server up and runnin' smoothly.
HamsterTracker™ server and hardware, tracking Lucy, fully functional, and runnin' smooooth!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 - day 180 -
current treadmill total: 326,455.12 meters! (17:45)

Lucy's virtual life (in the café) - Update

Lucy has been keeping everybody busy in the café.

Virtual Lucy on a motorbike.
Appearently (Virtual) Lucy learned to ride a bike!

Lucy even made it to the 'regular guest hall of fame' !

Virtual Lucy with all regular guests.
Here Lucy is waving the owner of the café!
(And it looks like, she and Lucy are both really surprised)

And then there is:

Virtual Lucy being 'on sale'.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005: HORROR! Where's Lucy?

(Virtual) Lucy has disappeared...

Everyone looked all around!


no trace of her...

Wednesday, December 7, 2005: A sign!

Virtual Lucy is on holiday!
"Lucy is on holiday!"

Days of uncertainty follow...
. .
. . .

and follow...
. . .
. .

Saturday, December 10, 2005: She's back!

That Lucy's is back, inspired Ben to some very wise and creative drawing:

Lucy says NO to drugs!.
Lucy says no to drugs!

Sunday, December 11, 2005: All is back to normal!

Picture of a Schrobbelèr display with a cut out picture of my hamster Lucy.

Apparently (virtual) Lucy has spent some days in Eersel.
As far as I know some pictures have been made on a mobile phone.
I am looking forward to seeing them.
Also, I hope, there is a way that I can publish them...

(See also: November 17, 2005)).

To be continued... (Lets hope...)

Monday, December 12, 2005 - day 179 - current treadmill total: 326,140.09 meters! (16:40)

Lucy's ALL NEW Statistical Graphs

Finally an update of Lucy's latest statistical graphs.
Because I accidently deleted the spreadsheet (see also: December 8, 2005), I had to re-enter all data, as well as define the graphs.

My hamster Lucy lastest statistical graph.
HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68, 76, 90, 91, 96, 99, 116

My hamster Lucy water consumption graph.

All new graph: Lucy's treadmill time!

My hamster Lucy treadmill time graph.

Friday, December 9, 2005 - day 176 -
current treadmill total: 324,324.09 meters! (18:45)

Another Lucy!

Today I received the absolutely wonderfull news that DJ Quincy Jointz became a DADDY yesterday.

Let us welcome: Lucy Malou

Picture of Lucy Malou
Born, December 8, 2005 @ 01:45h CET.
She is 50,5 cm, and weighs 2715 g.

Congratulations Lucy Malou!

May love, happiness and luck be always with you.

And ofcourse the same to your parents!

(signed) Mathijs and (my) Lucy

Thursday, December 8, 2005 - day 175 -
current treadmill total: 324,025.19 meters! (19:30)

The importance of (recent decent) backups

Horror! I accidently deleted the spreadsheet with all Lucy and Lucy (2.0) data.
Stupidly enough, the backup I had made, is very out of date! I've made lot's of backups, but forgot this file, that was on my desktop.

Therefore there is nothing else to do, than re-entering all data...  :-(

Silly me, I should know better than to forget to make a recent decent backup!

Therefore, backup ALL your data TODAY!

Don't make the mistake I made!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 - day 174 - current treadmill total: 323,635.59 meters! (18:30)

Lucy's right foot

Because of the awesome close up of Lucy's right hand (paw) (that I published on december 5, 2005),
I was browsing (the many) pictures I made of Lucy to find one with a reasonable close up of her feet:

Picture my hamster Lucy climbing in her cage.

As you can see, her feet has five toes (her big toe looks like a tiny thumb);

Detail picture of my hamster Lucy's left foot.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 - day 173 - current treadmill total: 323,201.81 meters! (18:30)

I can take a hint...

My dear Lucy hinted at her bedroom being cleaned, today:

Picture of some bedding removed from my hamster Lucy bedroom, by Lucy.
"I hope he gets the hint" - Lucy

So I set up the usual stuff, to make the switch. Lucy doensn't really mind waiting in the box, when I make the switch:

Picture of my hamster Lucy waiting on her bedroom being cleaned.
"R U done yet?" - Lucy

Meanwhile, Lucy doesn't mind a bit of exploring:

Picture of some bedding removed from my hamster Lucy bedroom, by Lucy.
How does she do that?

Monday, December 5, 2005 - day 172 - current treadmill total: 322,963.69 meters! (18:00)

Not Lucy's most flattering picture, or is it?

After I took this picuture of Lucy I didn't really like it, untill I studied it a bit longer.
(I rarely get the chance of studying her up close like this, simply because she moves too fast!)

Picture of my hamster Lucy trying to convice me she wants out of her cage.

As you may already know, a hamster has only four fingers on each hand (or should I call it paw instead of hand?).

Close up picture of Lucy's left paw.
Lucy's left hand (1:1 cut from original picture, un-retouched).

Close up picture of Lucy's left paw.
Lucy's right hand! (1:1 cut from original picture, un-retouched).
Actual size of her hand (paw) is approx. 5-8 mm! (I'd going to try to check)

Doesn't it look a bit like (what you could imagine as being) a Gnome hand, straight from a fairytale?

Isn't it cute?

Sunday, December 4, 2005 - day 171 - current treadmill total: 322,608.75 meters! (20:45)

Lucy wants out of her cage

Lucy just loves getting out of her cage, either to explore the couch or explore the living room in her explorer ball.

She has found her own way to convince me she needs to get out of her cage:

Picture of my hamster Lucy trying to convice me she wants out of her cage.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - day 167 - current treadmill total: 320,646.97 meters! (20:15)

Just having fun with Lucy

I am simply having fun with Lucy and her explorer ball. It's great to see a hamster enjoying herself soo much. She runs like 'crazy' sometimes, twisting and turning along her way.

Picture of my hamster Lucy running in her explorer ball.
Total time spent in ball: 15 * 20 - 5 = 295 minutes in 15 times. (one time (her first) she only spent 15 minutes in her explorer ball.)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - day 166 - current treadmill total: 319,697.66 meters! (18:15)

Behavioural experiment

Yesterday I mentioned a change in Lucy's behaviour when given Corn on the Cob.

I thought I'd test Lucy's behaviour by giving her a new Corn on the Cob. The following pictures show the experiment:

Picture of my hamster Lucy nibbling on a Corn on the Cob.

Picture of my hamster Lucy with her left pouch filled with corn.
Here you can clearly see her left pouch filled with corn (this took her about 6 minutes).

Picture of my hamster Lucy bringing her corn to the Meditation room. Picture of my hamster Lucy bringing her corn to the Meditation room.
Then it happened again: she took it to her Meditation room same as last time.

Now that's a stuffed face!

Looks like the experiment shows that Lucy is consistent in her behaviour with treating corn.

Monday, November 28, 2005 - day 165 -
current treadmill total: 318,932.38 meters! (17:50)

Lucy's (intelligent hamster) behaviour

A little while ago I gave Lucy a (hamster-) Corn on the Cob. (See the picture on the left, below).
The actual size of this cob is about 7.5 cm (or about 3 inches).

I noticed some behavioural changes by Lucy, after giving her this:

Picture of Corn I gave Lucy. Picture of Corn, After I gave it to Lucy.
The next morning I found the corn on the cob, slaughtered in her cage.

Picture of Corn, where Lucy put it.
She didn't put it in her bedroom, where she normally puts all her food.
She put it in her 'Meditation Room' (as I like to call that space).

Picture Lucy getting her daily dose of corn.
Every morning, Lucy climbs up there to retrieve a small amount of it (one full pouch), which she then brings to her bedroom (to eat it there).

Can this be because Lucy knows, that I often clean her bedroom, and in the process I throw out all her food that's in there?
Is this corn be so precious to her, that she has to put it somewhere else?
Could this be quite intelligent behaviour?
I really don't know, but I find this quite interesting to observe.

Friday, November 25, 2005 - day 162 - current treadmill total: 316,826.62 meters! (22:15)

Some (odd) statistics

I've been recording (sometimes unknowingly, sometimes on purpose) statistics, besides the usual HamsterTracker™ statistics:
  • Lucy has generated a hefty 125,494,621 bytes (117 Mb) of HamsterTracker™ data traffic (in 162 days).
  • Her Webcams generate 3,888,000 bytes (3.7 Mb) of data traffic each day.
  • The HamsterTracker™ Server software is running 11.069 lines of code.
  • The HamsterTracker™ FT100 Display software is running 286 lines of code.
  • The HamsterTracker™ Webcam Studio software is running 2448 lines of code.
  • The HamsterTracker™ RSS Feed Feeder software is running 2069 lines of code.
  • That's a total of a lot of lines of code ;-)

And I would like to mention that 71 countries have visited this site (since it went online on September 5, 2004)!

HamsterTracker shouts to the following countries:

Argentina , Australia , Austria , Bahrain , Belgium , Bermuda , Bolivia , Brazil , Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , China , Cocos (Keeling) Islands , Colombia , Costa Rica , Croatia (Hrvatska) , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Egypt , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong S.A.R. , Hungary , India , Indonesia , Iran , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Korea , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Mexico , Morocco , the Netherlands , New Caledonia , New Zealand , Norway , Pakistan , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Puerto Rico , Romania , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Serbia and Montenegro , Singapore , Slovenia , South Africa , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand , Tunisia , Turkey , Ukraine , United Kingdom , United States , Uruguay , Venezuela and Vietnam!

And to all not mentioned countries (ofcourse), I hope you'll visit soon!

When I told Lucy these exciting statistics, was this her reaction:

Picture of Lucy's reaction to all these statistics.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 - day 161 - current treadmill total: 315,922.53 meters! (18:30)
My current hamster Lucy 2.0

HamsterTracker™ WebCam Studio

I've never really recorded when I started running the HamsterTracker™ WebCam Studio, which uploads one picture per webcam (currently 3) each minute to the Webcam page.
Below is a screenshot of the application I developed (with help of Byron, who educated me on how to handle webcams in Visual Basic). The software is currently capable of handeling 3 webcams, but can be easily expanded to handle a maximum of 9 camera's. This is the maximum that Windows XP will allow, not the webcam software.

Screenshot of the HamsterTracker Webcam Studio, in action.
Here's the software in action, click image to see what it produces...

It has been running now 24/7 for a couple of months. It has survived many internet blackouts, though not updating the web in such case, other than that it's stable software now. Because of the slow update speed (every 20 seconds one camera picture is uploaded), the CPU strain isn't a problem.

There are some things I still need to work on though;
  • Automatic camera selection on startup. (No I have to manualy connect each camera when starting up)
  • Configurability. A lot of stuff is hard coded, all this stuff should be moved to an ini-file.
  • Support for 6 more camera's
  • Documenting it all, for you to enjoy
  • etc, etc...

A lot of work ahead. But hey, what's a hobby without having anything to do?

By the way: Today I went to the pet shop to buy some new hamster stuff. Therefore I also updated the Lucy's Expenses page. (Sadly this page does not always show correctly in Firefox, I guess this is because it's been generated by Microsoft Excell.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 - day 159 - current treadmill total: 315,082.75 meters! (18:30)

small Website improvement

I noticed that this news page was growing and growing... and therefore it loaded a bit slow, and it consumed a lot of RAM (computer memory). Therefore as of today, the news is split in two pages. (A pre Lucy 2.0 and this (current) one).

This little change nocked off a huge 35 MB of memory consumption, while reading this page (Firefox, Windows XP), it must be the graphics, they require quite a bit of RAM. I've checked that all inline-links (links within this site) are still operational. I also modified and rearanged the green colored Background Menu a bit; added a link to the NEW news archive page.

Picture of my hamster Lucy, not really caring about the website change.
"Like I care; I'm too busy right now; I'm trying to enjoy my food!" - 'the look' by Lucy

I am still thinking about futher improvements, so that the startpage will load quicker, without having to rearange the entire site. (That's become quite some work...)

Monday, November 21, 2005 - day 158 - current treadmill total: 314,199.75 meters! (21:30)

Lucy's Statistical Graphs

Here are Lucy's latest statistical graphs.

My hamster Lucy lastest statistical graph.
HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68, 76, 90, 91, 96, 99, 116

My hamster Lucy water consumption graph.

My hamster Lucy water consumption graph.
Same data, alternate representation.

Sunday, November 20, 2005 - day 157 - current treadmill total: 313,176.38 meters! (10:15)

Interesting hamster research

On day 144, November 7, 2005 , when I was wondering why Lucy wasn't running as much in her treadmill as opposed to a few weeks earlier. I was wondering if it could be seasonal. As it seems, this could well be:

Source: www.world-science.net.

Hamsters get depressed and anxious, study suggests

Nov. 15, 2005
Courtesy Ohio State University
and World Science staff

A new study suggests hamsters suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression during the dark days of winter, just as some humans do.

Researchers compared hamsters housed for weeks under winter-like lighting conditions to those who had days with longer daylight. The scientists found more symptoms of depression and anxiety in the first group.

The study also suggested hamsters born in winter-like light conditions had increased depressive symptoms as adults, according to the researchers. 

The findings “may provide some insight into the development of seasonal affective disorders in humans,” said Randy Nelson of Ohio State University, a co-author of the study. Nelson and doctoral student Leah Pyter presented the findings Nov. 15 in Washington, D.C. at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. 

The study involved 53 female and 48 male Siberian hamsters.

At about 60 days of age, the hamsters began a series of tests that are used to measure anxiety and depression in the animals. Many of these tests are the same ones used by pharmaceutical companies to test anti-depressive and anti-anxiety drugs in animals before they are used in humans, Nelson said. 

Tests for anxiety included one in which hamsters are placed in a large box and viewed for 60 minutes to see how much time they spend in the middle versus near the walls. Anxious hamsters will spend more time along the walls, where they feel more protected, researchers say. Less anxious animals will explore the entire box. 

Among the tests for depression was one in which they measured how much of a sugar drink hamsters drank over the course of several days. Hamsters generally like this drink, but it’s thought that hamsters with depressive-like symptoms will not drink as much. 

“We found that the amount of light hamsters were exposed to prenatally and up through weaning did have enduring effects on behavior in adulthood,” Pyter said. “But these effects were tempered quite a bit by whether they spent their time as adults in long days or short days.” 

Research in humans also suggests people who are born during the winter are more likely to suffer from depression as adults, according to Nelson. The results in hamsters weren’t clear-cut, but they did point in a similar direction, the researchers aid. “A lot more work needs to be done,” Nelson added.

Also, female hamsters showed more evidence of depression than males, which corresponds to research in humans which shows more depression among women than men, Nelson said.

Pyter said future studies will examine whether drugs used to treat anxiety and depression will reduce seasonal anxiety and depressive-like symptoms in hamsters. Nelson added that they will also look at the role of seasonal changes in stress hormones and brain chemicals in depression and anxiety in the rodents.
* * *

I've quoted the whole article,
because I don't know how long it will be online,
and I didn't want it to get 'lost in cyberspace'.

HamsterTracker™ donation

Lucy got a present from Dup yesterday:

Picture of a donation that Lucy received from Dup.
These Pine-, pumpkin- and sunflower-seeds are of Hotel and Catering Industry Quality!

[ Maybe I should consider opening a Hamster Restaurant ]

HamsterTracker™ shouts to Dup, Randy Nelson and Leah Pyter!

Thursday, November 17, 2005 - day 154 -
current treadmill total: 311,224.94 meters! (17:15)

Lucy's virtual life (in the café)

Remember, September 5, 2005 , when I discussed HamsterTracker™ / Lucy promotion?
I had cut out Lucy from a printed photograph and, using sticky tape, pasted it on the Schrobbelèr billboard.

[You can also check out more details about Schrobbelèr at www.schrobbeler.nl (Site in Dutch) ].

Picture of a Schrobbelèr display with a cut out picture of my hamster Lucy.

Well as it seems, ever since then, my (Virtual) Lucy has been keeping employees busy as well as guests: (Try to spot Lucy)

Picture of Virtual Lucy, exploring the café. Picture of Virtual Lucy, exploring the café.
Picture of Virtual Lucy, exploring the café.

Then there are the horror ones: (anything can happen in a café, I suppose)

Picture of Virtual Lucy, exploring the café. Picture of Virtual Lucy, exploring the café.

My favorite:

Picture of Virtual Lucy, exploring the café.

Worthy of mentioning; Lucy (a.k.a. 'Mr. Wot, prisoner 5037621') has always returned to her Schrobbelèr billboard! (Not escaping from the café).

HamsterTracker™ shouts go to all employees and guests of café 't Begijntje!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 - day 153 - current treadmill total: 310,333,34 meters! (19:30)

Picture of a display showing Lucy statistics.


I've been working on the POS-display page, but it's quite a lot of work. Remember I do all with my favorite HTML editor: Notepad, my favorite HTML editor!

Here is a snippit taken from that page. (How's that for some crafty html?).

' The Timer handler:
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    SecondsCounter = GetAndUpdateCurrentTime    'Always update time every second
    Select Case SecondsCounter
        Case 0:
            Call DownloadData                   'Refresh data once every minute
            Call UpdateDistance
        Case 10:
            Call UpdateLastUpdateTime
        Case 20, 24, 28:
            Call UpdateMaxSpeedToday
        Case 22, 26:
            Call UpdateMaxSpeedKmhToday
        Case 30:
            Call UpdateDistanceToday
        Case 40, 44, 48:
            Call UpdateTotalMaxSpeed
        Case 42, 46:
            Call UpdateTotalMaxSpeedKmh
        Case 50, 54, 58:
            Call UpdateTotalTime
        Case 52, 56:
            Call UpdateTimeToday
    End Select
End Sub

This software routine is responsible for updating the POS-display with all the current HamterTracker™ data!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - day 152 - current treadmill total: 309,773.62 meters! (18:00)

Lucy's bedroom cleaning

In oder to clean Lucy's bedroom, I have to do some tricks. (Else my Lucy would prevent it; throwing away her stuff etc.)


Preparation of a new and cleaned bedroom, for my hamster Lucy. All's ready to switch bedrooms.

All is prepared now. I'm just waiting my chance to switch bedrooms.
Fortunately this only was a two minute wait!
( I called Lucy and offered her a bribe (=treat)).
That worked!

The Switch...

Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'What my bedroom cleaned?' Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'Mmm, I don't know.'
Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'It is kind'a roomy!'
Lucy is getting used to the idea of having a clean bedroom

Thursday, November 10, 2005 - day 147 - current treadmill total: 306,899.53 meters! (19:00)

'Cooking' up flowers for Lucy

Because you have to surprise your loved one, once in a while, I decided to do some culunairy cookin' Ahummm

A plant for Lucy's cage

Close up what I 'cooked' up with some apple and parsley for my hamster Lucy.

The recipe is simple:
  • Wash apple and some fresh parsley
  • Cut out a piece of apple, preferably dice shaped. And don't use a large knife! like I did. Ask help if you're under 40!
  • Use a toothpick to punch a small hole in the apple
  • Place parsley in the just made hole
  • Serve immediately! (So the apple is still fresh)

  • Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'What's up, is this for me?' Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'It smells kind o' nice!'
    Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'Yo! Apple, I like this!' Close up of my hamster Lucy: 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!'
    Lucy loved it, as you can see!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - day 145 - current treadmill total: 305,523.28 meters! (18:15)

Daredevil Lucy

Close up of my hamster Lucy going head down first.
Close up of my hamster Lucy going head down first.
Close up of my hamster Lucy going head down first.
Need I say more?
Close up of my hamster Lucy going head down first.

I've also started a whole new page on my brand new Point Of Sale display .

Although it's just a start, it does show the POS-display in an animated action, with all Lucy's statistical data of the day (in this case day 117)!

I'll publish more details on how I programmed it soon.

Monday, November 7, 2005 - day 144 -
current treadmill total: 304,983.84 meters! (17:00)

Lucy's Statistical Graphs

It took Lucy 143 days to drink 1 Liter of water!

Here are Lucy's latest statistical graphs.
As you can see, she is taking it a bit easier in her treadmill.

Could this be seasonal???

My hamster Lucy lastest statistical graph.
HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68, 76, 90, 91, 96, 99, 116

click on above graph for a close-up.

My hamster Lucy water consumption graph.

Sunday, November 6, 2005 - day 143 - current treadmill total: 304,493.09 meters! (10:25)

Lucy's Ball

This is Lucy's new toy, her exploring ball:

Picture of my hamster Lucy's new Ball.

Picture of my hamster Lucy's new Ball. Picture of my hamster Lucy's new Ball.
Lucy exploring new territory again.

Picture of my hamster Lucy's new Ball. Picture of my hamster Lucy's new Ball.

Picture of my hamster Lucy's new Ball.

Lucy really enjoyed her explorer Ball. I set an egg-timer to 15 minutes, just in case I forgot... After watching Lucy running around in the livingroom for 15 minutes, I carfully picked her (and the Ball) up, to let her out. Within a few seconds, she wanted back in the ball. She climbed in, and demanded another 5 minutes; which she got, needless to say.

Saturday, November 5, 2005 - day 142 - current treadmill total: 303,771.75 meters! (11:20)

Lucy's new cage setup

Here are some photo's of Lucy's new cage setup.

Picture of my hamster Lucy's new cage setup.

Picture of my hamster Lucy exploring new territory.
Lucy exploring new territory.

Close up of my hamster Lucy.

Thursday, November 3, 2005 - day 140 - current treadmill total: 302,650.53 meters! (19:40)

Lucy's Photo Shoot

Because I needed to clean Lucy's cage, I thought I try to make some more photo's of my dear Lucy. And what a trip!

Picture of cleaning my hamster Lucy's cage.

I put Lucy in a reasonably big box, while cleaning all of her cage.
During this I shot the following pictures:

Picture of my hamster Lucy having a look around.
Lucy having a look around.

Picture of my hamster Lucy having discovered nice food.
Lucy having discovered nice food.

Then I cleaned, and didn't pay much attention to Lucy.
When I was finished doing the stuff I had to do, I returned with my camera.
Lucy seemed a bit shy...

Picture of my hamster Lucy trying to hide from me.
Lucy trying to hide from me.

Picture of my hamster Lucy showing my why she tried to hide.
Lucy showing why she tried to hide.

Sunday, October 30, 2005 - day 136 - current treadmill total: 300,105.78 meters! (8:30)

Lucy's new milestone!

300+ Km, or 300,000.00+ meters
Lucy reached her 300,000.00 milestone, today at approximately 1:05 AM (daylight savings time).

Picture of my hamster Lucy
"It's me who ran the 300+ km" - Lucy

Picture of my hamster Lucy, enjoying her treat
Lucy enjoying her 300+ km treat.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 - day 133 - current treadmill total: 297,835.28 meters! (18:20)

A lot of work behind the scenes!

This afternoon, I did a lot of stuff behind the scenes; debugging, testing, installing etc...

There are some troubles with the IR-Gate sensors which seem to be hardware related :-(

I've also updated Lucy's page.

Picture of my hamster Lucy washing up.
"The 300 Km milestone doesn't bother me!" - Lucy

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - day 131 - current treadmill total: 296,477.69 meters! (18:00)

Lucy's 300 Km mark is less than 4 Km away!

It will take Lucy only 3,522.31 meters to reach her 300 Km milestone!

Picture of my hamster Lucy, showing how much she has to run to reach her 300 km milestone.
"Yeah Yeah, I know, only 4 more to go!" - Lucy

Monday, October 25, 2005 - day 130 - current treadmill total: 295,336.19 meters! (18:10)

Lucy spends 10% of her time in her treadmill

Today, day 130, Lucy ran in her treadmill for a total time of 13 days and 4 minutes and 49 seconds!


( (13 * 24 * 60 + 4 * 60 + 49) / (130 * 24 * 60 ) ) * 100 % =

( ( 19009 / 187200 ) * 100 % =

10.02 % of her time

Picture of my hamster Lucy, beside her treadmill.
One of Lucy's moments (a moment of 90% of her non treadmill time...)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - day 124 - current treadmill total: 290,148.34 meters! (19:10)

New HamsterTracker™ statistical graphs

Lucy 2.0 latest statistical graph of her treadmill, click for closeup
Click on above graphic for a more detailed closeup

Lucy 2.0 latest statistical graph of her treadmill, click for closeup

Thursday, October 13, 2005 - day 119 - current treadmill total: 285,978.28 meters! (19:30)

HamsterTracker™ running cost estimate

Today I visited the Petshop, to buy some goodies for Lucy. Therefore I needed to update the Lucy Expenses page. While doing this I was wondering wat the costs where of running the HamsterTracker(tm) server(s). Just yesterday I received the yearly final payment of electricity; this is an extensive overview of all costs regarding the use an delivery of electricity to your home. Because I live in the Netherlands, these costs don't have to apply to you. But when doin' some maths, which I really like doing, I wanted to share...

Last year I've used an approximate 736 Kwh on electricity extra! Figuring this site is online for a year now, this extra electricity could be because of the HamsterTracker™ server(s) running 24/7 (with a few crashes along the way ;-)

Actually 736 Kwh per year is 2.015 KWh per day; this is approximately 84 Watt/hour (on a 24 hour basis). Because of this I suspect the HamsterTracker™ hardware of consuming this amount of energy on average and on a daily basis.

Therefore I started doing some maths:

Electricity costs 736 Kwh * € 0.05041 = € 37.10
Energy Tax 736 Kwh * € 0.06844 = € 50.37
Energy Tax (reduction)         - € 45.43
Transport costs 736 Kwh * € 0.03113 = € 22.91
System services 736 Kwh * € 0.00107 = € 0.79
          + ======
Total         € 65.74
Tax (Again!) 19 % of € 65.74 = € 12.49
          + ======

Running costs

per year       € 78.23

This is an average cost (on electricity, tax AND tax on tax) of € 0.21 a day!

That's a whole lot of fun, for this kind of money!

Ofcourse, sponsor(s) are always welcome!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 - day 118 - current treadmill total: 283,863.44 meters! (18:50)

HamsterTracker™ Point of Sale (POS) display

My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data; Total distance ever. My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data; Total distance today. My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data. Max speed today.
My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data; Time spent in treadmill today. My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data; Max speed ever in cm/s. My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data; Max speed ever in km/h.
My Point of Sale display, displaying HamsterTracker(tm) data; Total time ever spent in treadmill.

Not only have I been doin' quite some stuff behind the scenes, I also and finally got around of documenting my POS-display.

The clock is updated every second, and all Lucy's data is displayed once every minute.

Monday, October 10, 2005 - day 116 - current treadmill total: 281,766.56 meters! (20:25)

Unable to update!

Since last saturday, for some reason, all systems couldn't reach the FTP server of my ISP (internet service provider). So therefore there where no updates of the HamsterTracker™ data, as well as no webcams. Even the RSS-feed got hungry, because that was also un-updatable!

Today my ISP got everything resolved, so I hope that all will run fine now. Sadly, due to this error, no data was collected, last night. I guess some more software fixes should be made...

Wednesday, October 5, 2005 - day 111 - current treadmill total: 276,815.91 meters! (19:45)

Lucy's new speed record!

Lucy ran new speedrecord last night;
on day 110, between 0:18:02 and 0:24:43 CET (or GMT+2) , she ran a dazzling:

Mach 0.0019483!
1.2887689 Knot
that's an impressive 66.3 cm/s (or 2.3868 km/h)

That's ( 66.3 - 41.3 = ) 25 cm/s faster than Lucy (1.0)

Picture of exploring the treat I made for Lucy, yesterday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005 - day 110 - current treadmill total: 274,051.88 meters! (18:50)

Pets-day today!

Because of Pets-day, I made a special treat for Lucy today:

Picture of the treat I made for Lucy.
This is half a Walnut, 5 pine seeds and some fresh & homegrown parsley. I hope Lucy will like it!

Update: 21:00,

She loved it, the especially the Walnut, her first one!

Picture of Lucy enjoying parsley.

Saturday, October 1, 2005 - day 107 - current treadmill total: 269,391.91 meters! (11:40)

NEW: HamsterTracker™ Display

I recently obtained a cashregister display. It's a serial interfaced 2 line (20 characters each) fluorecent display. All it needs is a 5 volt (DC) powersupply and a serial cable. The cable gave me the most troubles; I first used a modem cable figuring that the display would behave something like a modem... sadly no response from the display. Then I went to my attic and opened some boxes with all kinds of cables. Because I have a diagram, I grabbed the longest cable I could find, with the right connectors on both sides (DB9 female and DB25 male). Before cutting etc. I gave it a go. I am glad I did, this cable works fine as is.

Picture of a display showing Lucy statistics.

Picture of the display in closeup
I will publish more details on how I programmed it, soon...

Thursday, September 29, 2005 - day 105 - current treadmill total: 264,777.97 meters! (17:30)

Lucy exploring the table

Yesterday Lucy had some fun exploring the table. It was really fun to watch Lucy trying to be as flat as possible when exploring it...

Picture of Lucy on the table. Picture of Lucy on the table.
I love the reflection in the table, that's why I couldn't decide to publish it upsidedown or not.

Picture of Lucy on the table.
Here Lucy's left pouch is visibly filled with treats.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 - day 103 - current treadmill total: 262,654.94 meters! (18:20)

More Extreme Icelandic HamsterTrackin'

When Sandra was sorting out her digital pictures of her vacation in Iceland, she found another HamsterTracker™ promotion picture. See also: august 28, 2005.

Picture of HamsterTracker(tm) promotion in Iceland, by Sandra.

Sunday, September 25, 2005 - day 101 - current treadmill total: 257,448.91 meters! (12:00)

Lucy's new bedroom

I've started on expanding Lucy's cage. She has become very tame now, so I thought I should reward her. It took Lucy two days to get used to the idea. This morning she was moving all her stuff from her 'old' bedroom to her new.

Picture of Lucy's new bedroom.

Thursday, September 22, 2005 - day 98 - current treadmill total: 251,056.09 meters! (18:30)

Lucy's Statistical Update

Due to a flu, I've not gotton around in updating any earlier... I've avoided Lucy as much as possible; I didn't want to infect her with my flu...

Needless to say, that Lucy didn't like that!

Lucy's treadmill graph on september 22, 2005.
HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68, 76, 90, 91, 96

Lucy's waterconsumption graph on september 6, 2005.

Friday, September 16, 2005 - day 92 - current treadmill total: 233,626.84 meters! (18:00)

Lucy wrecked my shirt ;-)

Remember, that on day 83 (september 7th), I mentioned that Lucy really loves to play with my shirt, that's laying on the couch?

Well, she really loves it; today I found out why:

Lucy has wrecked my favorite shirt...

Thursday, September 15, 2005 - day 91 - current treadmill total: 231,186.81 meters! (20:00)

HamsterTracker™ bug?

Again I discovered this morning that the HamsterTracker server hang...

Something went wrong with the Logging last night, but at this time of writing Lucy has ran a solid 3,737.06 meters today! And the night is still ahead of us!

At least the HamsterTracker™ server got the totals right!

Today was a day of cage cleaning, and a bit of hamster shopping, so I've also updated Lucy's Expenses page.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 - day 90 - current treadmill total: 227,449.75 meters! (18:30)

My (Infrared) Webcam software is to blame of the blackout last night!

This morning I discovered that the HamsterTracker™ server made it's last update yesterday at 21:41. I also noticed that my other PC, which is responsible for the webcams, failed to upload the latest (infrared) webcam picture (it was stuck at 99%).

Sadly no HamsterTracker™ data of Lucy was recorded last night.

Ofcourse I had to shutdown Webcam no. 2.

Needless to say I need to revise my webcam software. I am looking into it as you read this... But it's a bit tougher than I thought it would be to tackle this problem... I'll keep you posted!

But I'll try to swap the Infrared webcam (Logitech Webcam Express [this means low quality]) tonight.

Sorry, no picture today!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 - day 89 - current treadmill total: 227,448.34 meters! (18:30)

Infrared Webcam Online!

I've been struggeling the last few days trying to get Lucy visible at night, without any lights on. I hooked up an IR-led, as a small flashlight. Even though I am pumping an hefty 50 mA trough it, my Logitech Quickcam Zoom, didn't 'see' anything.

Today I discovered this great site (by Geoff Johnson) on how to modify your webcam into an Infrared Webcam.

What you actually need to do is remove the Infrared filter from the webcam and replace it with a filter that blocks natural light. This is done by using two sheets of the blackest (colour) negative film, you can find. I've discovered (from my own pictures) that the beginning of a film contains a quite large portion of (developed,) black, colour film. (I've read that you shouln'd use 'Black and White' film, because that's apparently different!)

Modified it within an hour!

Checkout Camera 2 on the webcam page.

My all new Infrared camera!
Note: This is a still picture!

Although the sharpness could be better,
I think this will produce a nice picture tonight,
when lucy is running.

HamsterTracker™ Shouts to Geoff Johnson!

Saturday, September 10, 2005 - day 86 - current treadmill total: 220,085.62 meters! (10:30)

Exclusive download: Lucy wallpaper

Have Lucy on your desktop. Download her wallpaper now:
Lucy's Desktop 1
Then right click on the downloaded file, select Set as wallpaper.

My desktop:

My desktop, starring Lucy
The small picture of Lucy (in the bottom right corner) is not included in the download.

Friday, September 9, 2005 - day 85 - current treadmill total: 218,207.75 meters! (19:00)

Lucy ran a whopping Mach 0.0012871!

Today I discovered that yesterday; Lucy ran an amazing speed of 43.8 cm/s or 1.5768 kilometer/hour or 0.9797781 mile/hour!

Wednesday, September 7, 2005 - day 83 - current treadmill total: 213,390.41 meters! (18:30)

Lucy on the couch & ISP troubles last night

Last night my homenetwork was disconnected from the internet at approx. 0:00 hours. This morning the HamsterTracker™ server was still running (!), but couldn't upload the data.

This afternoon I got an email from my provider explaining that 'General problems' occured between 0:12 am and 9:45 am. At around 11:00 o'clock I noticed that the HamsterTracker™ server had uploaded all data. Sadly all RSS-news feed updates where lost. But it's runnin' again now.

Technical stuff:
There where some odd speeds recorded during this blackout, 431 cm/s being the record. This is an inacurate measurement! Because the server was busy trying to update the website all Treadmill events where buffered. At the momenent of release the HamsterTracker server processed 431 Treadmill interrupts per second. Not bad for a Pentium I machine!. Also because it is running under Windows 98, the server isn't true multi-threading. I am looking into the software to fix this bug...

Lucy on the couch:

Picture of Lucyon the couch playing.
Lucy playing with her favorite toy on the couch: my shirt

Tuesday, September 6, 2005 - day 82 - current treadmill total: 210,287.50 meters! (18:30)

Update of Lucy's graphs!

Lucy's treadmill graph on september 6, 2005.
HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68, 76

Lucy's waterconsumption graph on september 6, 2005.

Monday, September 5, 2005 - day 81 - current treadmill total: 207,648.34 meters! (16:30)

My current hamster Lucy 2.0

HamsterTracker™ one year online!

Today exactly one year ago I started this site. After years of development, I finally gave it a go.

During this year this site has been visited 4900+ times, with visitors having a look from 69 countries around the world! That's a hefty average of 13.42 visitors a day!
The RSS 2.0 HamsterTracker™ RSS-news feed has (on average) 25+ subscribers

Lucy has generated 61,102 Kb or 60 Mb of HamsterTracker™ data traffic. This is excluding Webcam's & (manual news item) site updates!
The site has grown to a staggering size of 23,952 Kb or 24 Mb! This page alone has 246+ graphical photos/images!

More HamsterTracker™ promotion:

HamsterTracker(tm) promotion at Kinki Kappers [Eindhoven].
Kinki Kappers, Stratumseind, Eindhoven

This picture took about 15 shots, in about 5 hours, waiting for the sunlight to be just right.

HamsterTracker(tm) promotion at Cafe 't Begijntje [Eindhoven].
Café 't Begijntje, Eindhoven

HamsterTracker(tm) promotion at Cafe 't Begijntje [Eindhoven].
Café 't Begijntje, Eindhoven

HamsterTracker(tm) promotion at Cafe 't Begijntje [Eindhoven].
Café 't Begijntje, Eindhoven

Saturday, September 3, 2005 - day 79 - current treadmill total: 202,679.91 meters! (18:20)

200+ km

200+ Km by Lucy!

Lucy reached her 200,000.00 meters milestone, yesterday at approximately 04:55 AM!

Thursday, September 1, 2005 - day 77 - current treadmill total: 196,729.12 meters! (18:20)

Dutch Supermarket inspired by Lucy?

Animated logo of Supermarket Albert Hein-s Hamster Weeks

Could it be that our Dutch supermarket Albert Hein was inspired by Lucy? I guess not, but I love their use of Hamster Logo's!

Last night my ISP was doing some maintainance... Although the website couldn't be updated during this blackout, the HamsterTracker™ server survived it! Even though some speed measurements went bezerk, all went reasonabally well!

Picture of my hamster Lucy.
" What's up? All that fuss about a supermarket hamster Pfffew! " - Lucy

Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - day 76 - current treadmill total: 194,333.97 meters! (18:15)

Servercrash again last night...

Yesterday when I came home, I spent some quality time with Lucy, but I sadly forgot to check if the server was still running...

This morning the system had shutdown it's display and was completely frozen. I've tried to restart it, but then another Overflow Error occured. Because Lucy 2.0 runs more than Lucy (107,390.50 meters), she is testing the HamsterTracker™-server to the max!

Picture of my hamster Lucy.
" Did I crash a computer AGAIN? " - Lucy

Sunday, August 28, 2005 - day 73 - current treadmill total: 188,283.72 meters! (9:15)

Sandra's Extreme (Iceland-ic) HamsterTrackin'

Sandra, just got back from Iceland supposingly for the scenery and vulcanos etc.

Sandra's picture of an Iceland-view.

But as it seems, Sandra has spent quite some time in promoting HamsterTracker™ and Lucy:

Sandra's (Iceland,) HamsterTracker promotion.

"Dear Traveller:
You, the one who's travelling through
this land of ice and sky so blue
the very best thing you can do
is take the garbag home with you
thank you

I think this is absolutely beautifull!

Sandra's (Iceland,) HamsterTracker promotion.
The Lucy picture was nailed to the board using an original vulcanic stone!
(Sandra assured me!)

How much better can it get; Watch whales AND meet Lucy ?

Sandra's (Iceland,) HamsterTracker promotion.
So far, nobody has phoned in...

Now that's what I call 'HamsterTracker™ dedication' !
HamsterTracker™ shouts go out to all people in Iceland and especially to my dear friend Sandra!

Saturday, August 27, 2005 - day 72 - current treadmill total: 186,160.81 meters! (11:00)

Gettting near the 200 km milestone!

My hamster Lucy trying to get (and getting) some attention.

Lucy is only 200,000.00 - 186,160.81 = 13,839.19 meters away from the next milestone.
Lucy runs approximately 2,500 meters every day, so next friday could be a BIG day for her!

Friday, August 26, 2005 - day 71 - current treadmill total: 184,397.50 meters! (18:20)

1200+ visitors in the last 24 hours!


My hamster Lucy reading the Make: web page  ;)
Make: is cool! I'm reading it here... - Lucy

Blogged by Make: magazine!

(I've made a snapshot of it in the picture below. Because it's an active weblog, other blog items are currently displayed.)

Snapshot of MAKE: Magazines blog, mentioning HamsterTracker(tm)!
Blog entry on Make: use link here or click on image!

With pride I want to let you know that my site is blogged on the great site http://www.makezine.com/. This is a truly cool site;

To all visitors: Welcome (back) 2 U!

" We think you'll agree that MAKE magazine is probably the best magazine the truly versatile techie has ever seen. MAKE is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the most of your technology at home and away from home (volume 1 of MAKE magazine is a whoppin' 224 pages!) MAKE brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life. "
quote from (http://www.thinkgeek.com/books/nonfiction/788a/)

Personally I feel really honored by all this, ... , I've not told Lucy about this, because I don't want to influence her behaviour (in front of the webcam). ;-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - day 69 - current treadmill total: 179,648.12 meters! (17:20)

HamsterTracker™ server ran without problems last night!

It looks like I've fixed the problem of yesterday's crash. There was a flaw in the software that takes care of the RSS news feed. This software tries to download the latest version of this file, and then, updating it, before uploading. Problems occured when the file was 'unreachable'. I've made some modifications, that if the software can't download it; it will retry this 10 times, and then forgets about it. This way the server keeps running, instead of trying to satisfy the RSS download.

That's the technical side; Lucy spends some time on the couch almost every day now! We really have fun, while doing this.

My hamster Lucy exploring...
I just love exploring! - Lucy

Day 69: Water consumption graphic of Lucy 2.0

Day 69: Lucy's treadmill graph.

HamsterTracker™ Server crashes:
Day: 12, 30, 44, 57, 67, 68

Monday, August 22, 2005 - day 67 -
current treadmill total: 177,046.28 meters! (17:20)

Lucy ran another speedrecord!

40 cm/s or 1.44 km/h
That's a whopping Mach 0.0011755

Again a HamsterTracker™ server problem last night

Lucy has ran so much in her Treadmill that the HamsterTracker™ server crashed on an overflow error. I've fixed it, testing it tonight

My hamster Lucy staring...
I can crash a computer! - Lucy

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 - day 61 - current treadmill total: 163,657.25 meters! (17:20)

Picture of the HamsterTracker(tm) software running.

HamsterTracker™ server problem last night

Lucy probably ran around 3 km last night. I am not really sure because only 1,418.72 meters was recorded.

This morning I discovered that the HamsterTracker™ server software was displaying a message box. Some kind of internet error... Today I've modified the code that if such an error occurs again, it is logged in some logfile, and the system then will (hopefully) to continiue monitoring the treadmill.

Monday, August 15, 2005 - day 60 - current treadmill total: 162,233.38 meters! (18:10)

Lucy spends more time on the couch

Lucy spends more and more time on the couch. When I give her an evening snack, she tries to climb in my hand. Then I take her to the couch and let her explore.

After about 10 minutes I put her back in her cage; sometimes Lucy is quite upset; because she wanted to stay on the couch. The last few days, Lucy starts grooming immediately after putting her back...

Picture of my hamster Lucy grooming.

Thursday, August 11, 2005 - day 54 - current treadmill total: 151,134.94 meters! (17:30)

Lucy's long distance record

Yesterday, Lucy ran a staggering 5,390.56 meters !!! She did this in 5 hours 10 minutes and 29 seconds.
This is by far the furthest ever recorded by the HamsterTracker™ system in a single day. So I bought some flowers (Parsley) for Lucy today:

Picture of the parsley I got for Lucy.

Picture of my hamster Lucy enjoying her parsley.
And she loves it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005 - day 54 - current treadmill total: 140,556.00 meters! (19:20)

Lucy's New statistical graphs!

Yesterday the HamsterTracker™ server performed well generating the RSS feed! That's good news!

Here are the latest Statistical graphs of Lucy

Lucy's new treadmill graph.

Lucy's waterconsumption graph.

Monday, August 8, 2005 - day 53 - current treadmill total: 137,920.44 meters! (20:40)

Statistical RSS feed in Beta today!

I've been developing software behind the scenes these last couple of weeks. Today I integrated it all in the HamsterTracker™ server for the first big test tonight! The RSS-feed should be updated each time the website is updated with treadmill statistics.

Below is a screendump of a RSS reader (feedreader), with an automated message generated by the HamsterTracker™ server:

Screendump of Feedreader displaying an automated message, generated by the HamsterTracker(tm) server.

Oke, I still have to do some work on the summary info!

I hope the system will run without a hitch tonight...

Friday, August 5, 2005 - day 50 - current treadmill total: 129,429.66 meters! (18:40)

11 months online!

Yes, today it is 11 months ago that I started this site. I've put in quite a lot of effort in writing, photographing, software development, debugging, electronic engineering (and debugging), promoting and enjoying bringing my favorite love Lucy on the World Wide Web.

In these past 11 months these are my most notable memories:
  • Adopting hamster(s),
  • Taming hamster(s),
  • Getting to know them, lovin' them,
  • Not my most favorite but worthy of mention; the passing away of Lucy the first,

  • Meeting a lot of (new) friends via this website,
  • Learning to take better photographs,
  • All the people who signed my guestbook,
  • The response I got via mail, sms, discussions etc,

Actually this is just an excerpt of all the things I could mention! The response and the visits of YOU is all that makes it worthwhile!

Some Statistics:

Today this site crossed the 3000+ visitor barrier!!!

Thank you to all 57 countries who had a visit on this site!

Just last week 3 new countries visited this site: Bahrain, Vietnam & New Zealand! Welcome!

Wednesday, August 3, 2005 - day 48 - current treadmill total: 123,271.28 meters! (18:40)

Lucy's other side

Picture of my hamster Lucy beggin' to get out of her cage.

"Can I get out PLEASE ???" - Lucy

Then she started to get a bit more grim:

Picture of my hamster Lucy demanding to get out of her cage. Picture of my hamster Lucy demanding to get out of her cage.

Picture of my hamster Lucy demanding to get out of her cage. Picture of my hamster Lucy demanding to get out of her cage.
"I'll do it myself if you won't let me!" - Lucy

Needless to say, we had some quality time on the couch after this demonstration!

Tuesday, August 2, 2005 - day 47 - current treadmill total: 121,578.31 meters! (22:30)

Lucy's hamster acrobatics

Picture of my hamster Lucy hanging in her cage.
Have a close look at this picture: Lucy is hanging on the top of her cage, using her right foot and left hand!

Monday, August 1, 2005 - day 46 - current treadmill total: 118,278.50 meters! (17:00)

Some more Lucy Pictures

Picture of my hamster Lucy struggl'ing with a large treat.
Lucy is having some troubles with her BIG treat.

Picture of my hamster Lucy on my couch. Picture of my hamster Lucy on my couch.
Here she is exploring the couch!

Picture of my hamster Lucy on my couch.
" There is a whole new world out there! ... " - Lucy

Lucy 2.0 past her first 100+ km, after only 40 days, last night Tueday, July 23, 2005 - day 40 - current treadmill total: 103,028.43 meters! (16:00)

Lucy did it in 40 days: 100+ km!

Picture of my hamster Lucy running in her treadmill.

At approximately 0:12 am, Lucy reached her first 100.000 meters milestone in her treadmill.

Picture of my hamster Lucy resting a moment after a run in her treadmill.

Monday, July 22, 2005 - day 39 - current treadmill total: 99,682.03 meters! (18:30)

Lucy almost ran her first 100 km!

Lucy only has 317.97 meters to go, for her first 100 km milestone!

Comparison graph of Lucy 1.0 and Lucy 2.0

Although the above graph is a bit hard to read, take a closer look, it's actually quite interesting. Lucy 2.0 will probably reach her first milestone tonight, if so, she would have done this in half the time than Lucy 1.0 took!

My hamster Lucy being cute.
" Who? Me? "

Friday, July 22, 2005 - day 36 - current treadmill total: 89,958.91 meters! (19:30)

Quality time on the couch

I had some quality time with my dear littl' Lucy on the couch. This was her second time. This time she didn't jump out of my hands while I moved her from her cage to the couch and vice versa. She also behaved well on the couch; she didn't try to jump off!

It was a bit funny to notice that Lucy was a bit cross with me, after putting her back in her cage! She didn't even want her favorite treat I always give her. After an hour she had calmed down, and she gladly took any treat I gave her.

My hamster Lucy being cute.
" Can I come out to play? " - Lucy

Thursday, July 21, 2005 - day 35 - current treadmill total: 86,827.47 meters! (20:15)

Only 13,172.53 meters to go...

Will Lucy run the next 13,172.53 meters in 5.5048853264685232857477182307512 (= five and a half) days? Statistically she could!
Then she will have run her first 100 Km in a record time!!!

My hamster Lucy having a look.
"I'm thinkin' 'bout it... 'cause I think treadmill runnin' is cool! " - Lucy

Frequently asked question

I've been asked numerous times why I don't track Lucy's food consumption.

Picture of the CD that DJ Quincy Jointz sent me. I can easily weigh all the stuff that I give Lucy, although I would have to buy a pretty acurate weigher for small weights for this. The problem is that Lucy doesn't eat all the food I give her. Because of her hamster nature she will store most of her food she gets, preferably in her bedroom. Sadly this is the space in her cage that has to be cleaned the most. So I toss away all her bedding, stashed food & poo.

If I would really want to calculate her food intake, I would have to go through all this garbage separating the (leftover) food from the bedding and hamster-poo. This is not a chore I would look out for to do! Would you?

Leaving the food in her cage is also not an option, because after a while in a moist area (her bedroom condensates sometimes) the food gets foul! Because a hamster can't diffentiate between foul and good food, I must help her there!

Water intake is easier to measure, what goes in, comes out of a bottle and can therefore be measured.

I hope this answers this question, if not, drop me a line, mail me: peacoque (dot) labs (at) iae (dot) nl

I Almost forgot:

If you're quick you can listen to the GREAT Quincy Jointz - Lime sorbet mix no. 7 on the LimeSorbet site. (www.citrona.net/sorbet.htm). This is the mix Quincy Jointz sent me on CD for my birthday party!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 - day 34 - current treadmill total: 83,608.28 meters! (20:15)

Lucy is definitely not camera-shy!

I was wondering why I coudn't get Lucy focused in this picture. When I looked over the camera I saw that my dear little Lucy was sniffing the camera-lens.

My hamster Lucy sniffing the camera-lens.

My hamster Lucy having a run.

Sunday, July 17, 2005 - day 31 - current treadmill total: 76,694.84 meters! (10:15)

Lucy's wave!

Lucy 'waved' in the camera lens (actually she streched her right arm). [It also looks like the Treadmill Sensor is working as it should.]

My hamster Lucy waving to us.
"Hi to all my fans!" - Lucy

My hamster Lucy having an itch.
In the above picture, Lucy was a bit bothered by an itch on the back of her left leg.

Saturday, July 16, 2005 - day 30 - current treadmill total: 74,055.28 meters! (20:10)

Lucy's first month with me!

Lucy has moved in a month ago today!
My hamster Lucy.
Yesterday Lucy spent some time with me on the couch. She behaved extremely well. (Previous two attempts resulted in Lucy jumping... and smacking on the floor. Just to find out that all was ok with Lucy. I was really worried for a moment then.

But yesterday, she behaved herself and explored my couch and my sweater. Sorry for the bad picture on the right; I didn't have enough time to set the camera correctly...

Sadly the HamsterTracker Treadmill sensor was misaligned last night!

My hamster Lucy.

This is why no treadmill data was recorded last night. I think/hope I have sorted it all out now, tonight will be a big test...

My hamster Lucy statistical graph

In the graph below, the daily water consumption is graphed. I've also included the data I collected with my previous hamster Lucy (the first)

My hamster Lucy's water consumption graph.

Thursday, July 14, 2005 - day 28 - current treadmill total: 72,224.84 meters! (20:40)

Lucy is doing fine!

It has been pretty warm weather here lately but Lucy seems to cope well!

My hamster Lucy eating a catfood snack.

Thursday, July 13, 2005 - day 27 - current treadmill total: 70,065.34 meters! (20:00)

Lucy ate a small bit of cat food, and loved it!

I've done some studies on the subject and found that cat food is actually a good addition in a hamsters diet. So I gave her a little bit today, and Lucy loved it!

My hamster Lucy washing her hands after a nibble.

Thursday, July 7, 2005 - day 21 - current treadmill total: 57,740.81 meters! (14:10)

Lucy is climbing in her cage!

With my new digital camera I took this picture of Lucy having a climb in her cage. Although the lighting isn't too great in this picture, I still wanted to publish this one. (I've got a lot to learn on how to operate my new camera).

My hamster Lucy climbing in her cage.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005 - day 20 - current treadmill total: 55,218.47 meters! (11:10)

50+ km!

It took Lucy only 19 days to run 50 Km!

Now that I've got a new camera, I'm taking as much pictures of Lucy as possible. (I am learning all the possibilities of the camera this way).

My hamster Lucy sitting on top of her bedroom.
My hamster Lucy in her bathroom. My hamster Lucy having a drink.
My hamster Lucy. My hamster Lucy.

Saturday, July 2, 2005 - day 15 - current treadmill total: 45,198.97 meters! (21:04)

Taming Lucy

Another fotoshoot with Lucy. She is becomming quite tame (remarkable after only two weeks), but she still doesn't trust me 100%. I am bribing her with treats, sweet talk & Tender Love and Care...

Another picture of Lucy curious of what a camera is.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 - day 13 - current treadmill total: 36,521.84 meters! (20:54)

All systems (and Lucy) running again

Looks like the HamsterTracker™ server ran beautifully last night.

I just had another foto shoot with my littl' Lucy. The picture below is the favorite of the day. Looks like Lucy isn't camera shy at all! Lucky us!

Picture of Lucy curious of what a camera is.

Monday, June 27, 2005 - day 11 -
current treadmill total: 32,926.59 meters! (17:54)

A bit off topic: Visited by a baby porcupine hedgehog

I was looking out my window into my front garden just now, when I saw a cute baby porcupine hedgehog.

The porcupine hedgehog wasn't shy at all, and he/she allowed me to take a closeup (He/She is a bit larger than a full grown hamster).

Sorry I got the translation wrong: it's a hedgehog, not a porcupine!

Picture of a baby hedgehog having a look around in my front garden
Picture of a baby hedgehog having a look around in my front garden Picture of a baby hedgehog having a look around in my front garden

Although he/she isn't as cute as Lucy, I still find it a remarkable experience!

Sunday, June 26, 2005 - day 10 - current treadmill total: 30,384.22 meters! (10:44)

Lucy has found her own way to cool down

Because these last five days we experienced a heat wave, the living quarters of Lucy was approx. 30 degrees celcius. Lucy reacted on this by drinking more water, and moving her sleeping quarters 'downstairs' in her cage. I've moved the webcam so you can watch her sleep... Today it's a lot cooler (25 degrees celcius), so that would be a welcome change for Lucy.

Picture of Lucy's downstairs sleeping quarters

Saturday, June 25, 2005 - day 9 - current treadmill total: 27,552.91 meters! (7:44)

Lucy's first treadmill graph

Lucy 2.0 runs a lot more than the Lucy 1.0.

Lucy's first Treadmill graph

June 23, 2005 - day 7 - current treadmill total: 21,933.94 meters! (19:02)

Linked by Hamsterific.com!!!

The following text is taken from the Hamsterific.com site:

HamsterTracker! Mathijs van der Paauw's HamsterTracker™
HamsterTracker™ follows the daily progress of the indomitable hamster Lucy as she runs on her wheel each night. Lucy typically runs 3km before morning, so stay out of her way or you might get ran over!
Dutch renaissance man Mathijs combines his love of "Hamsters, photography, drawing, programming, electronics, web publishing etc And Just Simply Having Fun." in creating a super site for the world to enjoy.

HamsterTracker™ Shouts go out to Ken; the man behind the Hamterific.com site.

June 21, 2005 - day 5 - current treadmill total: 15,650.81 meters! (19:02)

Picture of Lucy's current cage

Picture of the first setup of the cage

Picture of my hamster Lucy running in her treadmill

June 20, 2005 - day 4 - current treadmill total: 11,698.12 meters! (22:19)

She eats out of my hand!

Lucy is running around in her treadmill like no tomorrow! Whow she does some serious workouts!

I am not allowed to pet my little friend (just yet) although she accepted about 10 small treats from me these last couple of days. (pineseeds, sunflower seeds, a bit of fruity-drops).

Webcam shot of my hamster Lucy Webcam shot of my hamster Lucy

June 19, 2005 - day 3 - current treadmill total: 9,111.25 meters! (22:39)

My cute littl' lucy!

Lucy is on track of running a 100 km within 30 days from now! (My previous hamster took 80 days to achieve the same result!

Lucy is being very friendly with me; I gave her a treat 5 times, holding it in front of her face, and she gently took it!

Picture of Lucy having a Crossys Fruit for the first time

June 16, 2005 - day 1 - current treadmill total: 3,157.34 meters! (17:39)

Looks like Lucy is a runner!

3,157.34 meters (3,1 Km or (almost) 2 miles!) on her first day/night! She is either blowing off steam; two days ago she moved from her mother to the pet shop; yesterday after a half hour drive she got her new cage. I Guess that can be a bit harsh on a baby (44 days old) hamster.

Yesterday it was fun to watch Lucy exploring her new cage. Everything needed examination, climbing on, falling off etc. At one time (when I looked) I saw Lucy hanging (with one paw) on the top of her cage... It didn't take long before she fell :-( after which she got up in an instant to do it all over again!

Webcam snapshot of Lucy Picture of Lucy having a pineseed for the first time

In the picture on the right: Lucy is enjoying her first pineseed.

June 16, 2005 - day 0

new Hamster page (while completely killing the original Lucy page), and I added those pages to the menu's on the left. I also made a new spreadsheet of Lucy's new Expenses. I also had to completely reset and reconfigure the HamsterTracker™ server. This was all simply done by modding ini-files, it still was quite a puzzle; sooo many things to configure, but I think I've got them all set correctly now.

'Hi I am Lucy!', picture of my new hamster Lucy (2.0)

Webcam no. 1 is also online!

Webcam snapshot of Lucy Webcam snapshot of Lucy

Webcam snapshot of Lucy

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